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Nickel alloys


Nickel is a silver-colored metal with a yellowish tint. In its pure form, it is used in the manufacture of chemical cookware, including boilers and flasks, as well as various kinds of electrical equipment. Nickel pipes can also be found in the construction of condensers. Today, nickel alloys are in greatest demand in the field of electrochemistry, a little less often - in medicine, but they can be found almost everywhere. It is worth noting that nickel improves the properties of the metal alloy, which includes, by increasing the parameters of corrosion resistance and toughness. Another advantage is the low expansion coefficient, which is characteristic of alloys with 35% nickel content.

Applications for

There are over 3000 nickel alloys. Nickel-based alloys are an integral part of radar equipment, jet engines, nuclear reactors, storage tanks of various products (both food products and acids and alkalis) , etc. This element is a basic element in ferrous metallurgy, and its alloys are divided into:




For welding structures made of nickel alloys, argon-arc welding with a tungsten electrode is the most common. This method guarantees high quality of the weld by direct current of direct polarity. Small volume argon-arc welding with a fusion electrode is also used. When welding structures made of nickel alloys, electrodes (of European, domestic or international standard) are used. The electrodes are usually made of tungsten, because refractory metals provide high reliability of welding joints due to high welding temperature. Each electrode is color-coded.


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