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TU 14-132-214-2003

OKP 09 5000

Group B32


Deputy production director —
Head of Quality Department
and standardization of CJSC VMZ
«Red October"
V.G. Knokhin

«29» .02.2008

07H12NMBF-Sh (EP5609-Sh)

Technical conditions
TU 14−132−214−2003

Notice No. 1

The validity period of the technical conditions has been extended until 01.02.2013.

Reason: Availability of orders.


Designed by:

Head of Technical
Department of CJSC «VMZ Red October"
Yu.V. Dyachenko

February 27, 2008


Bureau of technical expertise
orders and standardization

«29» .02.2008

These technical conditions apply to the supply of hot-rolled plate made of corrosion-resistant steel grade 07X12NMBF-Sh (EP 609-Sh).

Example of a symbol:
Sheet 12x1300x2000 07H12NMBF-Sh TU 14−132−214−2003

1. Normative references.

GOST 5632−72 High-alloy steels and corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and heat-resistant alloys. Stamps.

GOST 7350−77 Heavy-plate corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and heat-resistant steel. Technical conditions.

GOST 19903−74 Hot-rolled sheet metal. Range.

2. Range

2.1. Rolled sheets are manufactured with cut dimensions:

5−20x100−1500x3000−6000 mm.

Sheets with a thickness of over 20 mm up to 35 mm are made without side edge trimming, over 35 mm — without trimming.

Sheet sizes are agreed upon when ordering.

2.2. Requirements for the size and shape of sheets — according to GOST 19903, normal flatness PN.

For sheets up to 12 mm thick, the accuracy is normal B.

3. Technical requirements.

3.1. The chemical composition of steel must comply with the standards specified in table 1.

Table 1

Mass fraction of elements,%
Carbon Silicon Manganese Chromium Molybdenum Niobium Vanadium Nickel Sulfur Phosphorus
0.05−0.09 n.b. 0.60 n.b. 0.60 10.5−12.0 0.35−0.50 0.05−0.15 0.15−0.25 1.40−1.80 n.b. 0.020 n.b. 0.030
Tolerances in finished rental
± 0.01 - - ± 0.05 ± 0.02 ± 0.02 ± 0.02 ± 0.20 - -


  • Technological additive of cerium up to 0.02% is allowed.
  • Mass fraction of residual elements according to GOST 5632.

3.2. Sheets are made in annealed condition with an etched surface.

3.3. The hardness of sheets in the delivered condition should be no more than 269 HB (doтп not less than 3.7 mm).

3.4. The mechanical properties of the sheets must comply with the norms of table 2.

table 2

Heat treatment mode Ultimate tensile strength σ in, N / mm 2 (kgf / mm 2) Elongation, δ 5 ,%
1. As delivered not more than 931 (95) not less than 14

2. On thermally treated samples

Hardening 1000−1050 ° C

Cooling in air or in oil

Vacation 640−660 ° С

Air cooling

not less than 890 (90) not less than 13

3.5. The surface quality of the sheets must correspond to the M3b-M4b group of GOST 7350.

3.6. The sheets should be free of traces of a shrinkage cavity, delamination, foreign inclusions and bubbles.

3.7. Rolled products with sheet thickness over 20 mm are supplied without control of mechanical properties.

4. Acceptance rules, test methods, labeling, packaging and transportation.

4.1. Acceptance rules, test methods, labeling, packaging, documentation and transportation — in accordance with GOST 7350.

«10». 02.2003
Bureau of Standardization
technical department