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Refractory metals and alloys.

Technical characteristics

Refractory metals and alloys are high-quality and high-tech products with a huge margin of safety. According to the technological documentation, the melting point starts above the level of +1600°C. This quality is very important in many industries, as it allows to solve the most complex tasks. Refractory metals are widely used in rocketry and nuclear energy. Also quite often they are used in the production of tool steels, special alloys with high performance requirements of strength, heat resistance, resistance to wear. Today Russia is among the leaders in the extraction and production of refractory materials such as tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt. Supplier «Auremo» offers the refractory metals of high quality, corresponding to GOST and international standards.

Tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium

Tungsten is the basis of high-temperature alloys, as well as the hardest steels (high speed tool). The processing (forging, rolling, drawing) is only possible when heated. Heavy tungsten is used for the trim of artillery shells, bullets and high-speed (up to 180 thousand rpm) of the rotors of the gyroscopes that stabilize the flight of ballistic missiles.

Refractory molybdenum on properties similar to tungsten. Its melting point reaches 2600 °C, boiling point of more than 4600 °C, Brinell hardness number — 125N. V. Molybdenum makes the alloys high temperature strength, toughness, and luxury of tool steels — wear resistance.

Vanadium. Today, the alloys with vanadium has found its application in the production of steel, also vanadium are added to titanium to improve the characteristics of the latter. Also the vanadium acts as a catalyst for the production of sulfuric acid.


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