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The metal hafnium

Technical characteristics

Hafnium is a refractory metal with a silvery-white color is a classic representative of the class of scattered elements. In nature forms minerals and exists in the form of compounds. The most known compound with zirconium (which is very similar in specs), but even more it thortveitite (scandium mineral). Use of hafnium in Nickel and iron alloys with high heat resistance. The melting point of the element in excess of 2150 °C, and boiling point is 5400 °C. This element, such as refractory metals tungsten and molybdenum, are very popular in nuclear power engineering, radio engineering and electrical industries. This applies particularly to the manufacture of incandescent filaments, and tubes.

Physical properties of hafnium

Chemical symbol Hf
UD. weight 3.3 g/cm3
Melting point 2233 °C, 4051 °F
Boiling point 4603 °C, 8317 °F
The specific heat of fusion 25.1 kJ/mol
The latent heat of vaporization 575 kJ/mol
The degree of oxidation 0, 2, 3, 4

Severe refractory silver-white metal was opened in 1923, is Denoted by Hf (lat. Hafnium). The average content in the lithosphere is about 4 ppm. Due to the lack of hafnium in minerals of their own and a constant speed its zirconium, it is obtained by processing zircon ore.


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