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Sheet, strip made of titanium grade 1

Titanium grade 1​ wire Titanium grade 1 sheet, strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
VT1-00 3.7025 R50250 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Titanium strip, sheet of grade 1 are made according to GOST 19 807−91 by its chemical properties. It is used in many industries. It characterizes by small density and softness, resistance to mechanical damage. It is an inert material. This allows using it in medicine (dentistry, surgery) and food industry. Despite its high self-cost, strip pays back by its strength and reliability. Nowadays, there are no analogues that could replace strip of grade 1. Special feature of making titanium grade 1 sheet lies in obligate heat treatment according to GOST.


It possesses non-magnetization, heat-resistance, resistance to corrosion and to contact with moisture and aggressive environment, resistance to deformation, minimal heat conduction, good workability, plasticity, weldability. These advantages bring titanium to the forefront of modern technologies and science. Titanium sheet is resistant to fatigue load and effect of soil or atmospheric moisture. It is used in condition of cryogenic cooling. Its surface covers with a consistent protective oxynitride film when reacting with atmospheric gasses. Due to a biological inertness, it is used in food industry and medicine. High heat resistance, strength-to-density ratio, corrosive resistance make it the main material among bearing materials.


High cost is caused by a complexity of obtaining titanium from ore minerals. Propensity to hydrogen shortness can be considered as the main demerit of its alloys. It must not exceed 0,008% (for grade 1 — 0,01%).


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