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The metal tantalum

Technical characteristics

Ta — 73-th element of the chemical periodic table/ Ot by the presence of surface oxides of the metal of steel-gray color has a bluish sheen. Until 1844, it could not share with niobium and believed one metal called columbium. The refractory metal tantalum has a number of excellent qualities (heat resistance, hardness, ductility). Yet it is chemically inert and under normal conditions is not subject to oxidation. Its main parameters:

  • atomic weight — 181 g/mol;
  • the melting point is 2996 °C;
  • the heat of fusion is 24.7 kJ/kg.

The most common alloys of tantalum with niobium, tungsten and molybdenum. They obtained an excellent reputation in the production of various types of special steels:

  • corrosion resistant;
  • structural;
  • precision.

The metal tantalum has a valuable combination of high emission ability and heat resistance. It readily absorbs gases, maintaining the vacuum in vacuum tubes. Coating by tantalum of the same aesthetic and durable as chrome or Nickel. Developed methods, coating with tantalum bulky items (pipes, crucibles, sheets, rocket nozzles), the coating can be applied on different materials like steel, copper, graphite. Interestingly, the strength of the coating exceeds the technical strength of tantalum is more than 3 times. This metal alloyed with: heat resistant stainless steel pipes for the needs of nuclear power and petrochemical industries, dies for the production of artificial silk .


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