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Strip, tire duralumin

The tire (strip)


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The undeniable merits of duralumin tires have gained her wide popularity in the electrical industry, mechanical engineering, construction. It has high strength, products of tires do not require additional heat treatment. Duralumin bus (bandwidth) is :

• flexibility;

• plasticity;

• low weight;

• excellent electrical and thermal conductivity;

• biological inertness.


The manufacture of duralumin bands normalized GOST 13 726−97 of VD1 alloy with the chemical composition according to GOST 1131−76. Sampling for chemical composition control is normalized to GOST 24 231−80. Marking. Polonikova tape is denoted as H2, soft, or annealed — M, with normal plating — A. the Precision and durability of workmanship — normal, quality of surface finish standard, and the deviation in thickness can be both symmetric and asymmetric.

The percentage composition of the alloy VD 1

Fe Al Ni Mn Cu Zn Mg Si Ti Impurities
≤1 90−97,3 ≤0,2 0,3−0,8 2−5 ≤0,7 0,4−1,6 ≤1 ≤0,2 ≤0,2


After the heat treatment of duralumin splint, the strip acquires a new mechanical, physical properties. During the annealing mark ВД1АМ becomes more ductile, plastic, easier machining. Restores firmness rolling with compression from 2 to 5 percent, that is training. Rentals of such brands as ВД1АН2 made with normal plating of polonikeman alloy.


For the Assembly of electrical distribution devices to buy duralumin bus lane is the best solution. Duralumin splint, the strip has a high strength, excellent conductivity. With the aim of improving corrosion resistance may be applied to the anodic oxidation.


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