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Stainless steel for knife


Knife blades are produced. of high strength steel, typically., the following alloy elements. The carbon composition gives a hardness but reduces ductility. Chrome provides wear resistance, corrosion resistance, improves the aesthetic appearance of the blade. The blades contain more than 13% chromium stainless steel belong to, using manganese to achieve a fine-grained structure of the alloy, which contributes to hardening of the material. Molybdenum reduces brittleness and fragility. Tungsten, which is used for tool steel gives the blade of red-hardness, i.e. the ability to not lose their qualities when heated and subsequent cooling. .


The first number of the brand reflect the proportion of carbon in hundredths parts per cent. For example, 10 means 0.10 percent. When the number of first marks are absent, the proportion of carbon — more than 1%. Next is the letter abbreviation. If the letter is no number, then this element is less than 1%. The letter «a» means a minimum content of harmful sulphur and phosphorus.


Alloy steel alloys according to GOST 4543−71 divided into 3 categories: quality, quality and the highest quality. The first category is designated by the letter «A», the highest quality — the letter «W» with a hyphen. For example, 12ХНЗА — quality, З0ГС-sh — the best quality. High quality steel alloy has an allowable percentage of sulphur up to 0.025%, quality, up to 0,015%.

The percentage composition of (GOST 5632−72)

C Si Mn Ni S P Cr Ti Cu Fe
≤ 0.2 2 — 3 ≤ 1.5 12 — 15 ≤ 0.025 ≤ 0.035 19 — 22 ≤ 0.2 ≤ 0.3 Basis

Stainless steel 50Х14МФ are manufactured in accordance with GOST R50 328 1−92 and international standard MSO 7153/1−88. The alloy composition contains: chrome 14−15%, silicon and manganese of 0.6%, carbon — 0,48−0,55%, molybdenum — 0,45−0,8%, vanadium 0.1% to 0.15%, sulfur, phosphorus in thousandths of a percent. The base is iron.

The percentage 50Х14МФ

Mn C Cr Mo Fe S V P Si Fe
≤0,6 0,48−0,55 14−15 0,45−0,8 DOS. ≤0,03 0,1−0,15 ≤0,03 ≤0,6 Basis


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