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Bronze metal

Technical characteristics

The technical characteristics of bronze depend largely on the number of additional elements and their ratio in the alloy. But the mere fact that bells, statues and fittings for water lines are cast from this material makes it unique among non-ferrous alloys. The main advantages that characterize bronze are as follows:

-High resistance to corrosion;

-Resistance to wear;

anti-friction properties;

-Good machinability by cutting.

A distinction is made between aluminum bronze, silicon bronze and tin bronze. The use of additional components significantly improves the characteristics of the material, which contributes to the expansion of the scope of operation. It is worth noting a good processability of the alloy, which allows producing such products as wire, foil and utensils. Auremo" company is a reliable supplier of nonferrous rolled metal products in Eastern and Central Europe, which sells bronze on the most favorable terms.


Due to high technological and operational qualities, bronze, bronze alloys today are expanding the scope of application in modern industry. With the advent of new generation bronze alloys it became possible to improve many technological processes, where the production is connected with the action of aggressive media. Due to antifriction qualities, corrosion resistance and good electrical conductivity bronze became possible to ensure long-term reliable operation of equipment. in the field of mechanical engineering, industrial chemistry, housing and communal services.

Application of

High wear and corrosion resistance of bronze alloys, immunity to corrosive environment allows their use where work is associated with contact with hot corrosive media. Unique performance characteristics allow their use for production of heat-exchange equipment, the needs of heavy and power engineering, electrical engineering Corrosion resistance makes bronze alloys are relevant in industrial chemistry, for the production of chemical equipment. Aesthetic appeal of rolled bronze is important in construction and design.


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