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Rod, wire, pipe made of ER 316LSi


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
04Х19Н11М3 EI844 316L Buy from stock, view availability


Welding wire ER 316LSi is intended for deposit welding and for welding of essential constructional blocks that are composed of various steels. It is primarily subjected to welding of carbon steels with engineering stamped hardly-weldable (alloyed) steels. Wire is also used for manual arc welding of equipment made of chrome-nickel or chrome-nickel-molybdenum steels that operate in corrosive environments at a temperature of 350 °C and which are not exposed to heat treatment after welding. It is also utilized for deposit welding on edges of products perlitic steels. Such wire is applied for welding of essential parts of gas and steam turbines made out of heat-resistant austenitic forged cast steels: X6CrNiMoNb17−12−2, X12CrNi23−13, AISI 316 and similar grades that operate at a temperature of 550−600°С. It is also applied to remedy the casted defects of this steel grades.

Percentage composition GOST 5632−72

N Al W V Cu P S
0.02 - 0.06 0.05 0.02 0.017 0.007
Ti Mo Ni Cr Mn Si C
0.002 2.22 10.17 18.39 1.36 0.32 0.05

Welding wire of ER 316LSi grade is utilized when welding the critical equipment composed of steel of chrome-nickel-molybdenum grades: X10CrNiMoTi18−12, X2CrNiMoN225, X6CrNiMoTi17−12−2 and identical to them grades. It is used in cases when there are severe requirements of metallic seam such as corrosion resistance. This wire is also used for quick-wear parts of machines and for deposit welding of hot and cold cut dies. There are made the following electrodes out of this steel grade: OK 63.35/Jungo 316L, Е19.123МэВ22 (E 318−15), OK 68.53, OK 63.30, OK 63.85, ОК 48.00, E 316−15.

Percentage composition of weld metal (Content of ferritic phase is 3−8%).

N Al W V Cu P S
on actual basis on actual basis on actual basis on actual basis <0.25 <0,025 <0,018
Ti Mo Ni Cr Mn Si C
<0,2 2,0 — 3,0 10,0 — 12,0 18,0 — 20,0 1,0 — 2,0 <0,6 <0,06

Mechanical characteristics

Ultimate tensile strength of high-alloyed, alloyed wire complies with all standards.

Diameter, mm Ultimate tensile strength of electrode wire kgf/mm2 (MPa) Ultimate tensile strength of wire kgf/mm2 (MPa) for deposit welding (or welding)
1.6 882−1274 (90−130) 686−980 (70−100)
0.8 — 1.5 882−1323 (90−135) -
Welding 2.0 686−1029 (70−105) 637−931 (65−95)
2.0 784−1176 (80−120) 686−980 (70−100)

Tolerance extremes and diameter of welding wire comply with below listed indexes:

Diameter, mm Tolerance extreme of electrode wire Tolerance extreme of wire intended for welding (deposit welding)
0.8   -0.07
1 — 1.5 - -0.09
1,6; 2,0 -0.06 -0.12
2,5; 3,0 -0.09 -0.12
4; 5; 6 -0.12 -0.16

Welding and technical characteristics:

Wire of weld metal is used in argon environment. Quality of formation the filling, root, facing seam layers and stable arc burning.

Mechanical characteristics (testing while welding under flux) of weld metal

Grade Ultimate tensile strength TS, MPa Contraction ratio [%] Yield limit Impact hardness
    +20°C +20°C  
ER- 316LSi 585.7 35 319.2 83.4


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