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Foil made of titanium

Titanium foil


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
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General characteristics

Titanium foil is one of the most required types of heat-resistant mill-products. It excels analogous products by its strength, softness, heat resistance. By interaction with atmospheric gas, its surface covers with consistent protective oxynitride film at a high temperature. As far as foil possesses a property of biological inertness, it is used in food industry and medicine. It is easy to stamp and to roll in the thinnest wash. Titanium foil has a unique strength; its plasticity is identical to cuprum plasticity; a low creep is similar to stainless steel. Titanium foil possesses a resistance to alkalis, acids, moistures. It has a low heat conduction and thermal resistance so that it can be used at cryocooling. The main demerit is its high self-cost. By virtue of unique properties titanium requires heavy expenses at manufacturing.

Name Grade Standard Shaping
Titanium foil Grade 1, grade 2 IS 1.90 145 0,05−0,08x20−200


It is a product of a very thin thickness that is made of grades 1, 2. These grades almost do not contain residual elements. They are very malleable. A manufacture complies with IS 1 90 145−74. In China α-alloys and commercial titanium are marked with letters «TA». A minimal thickness of titanium foil is 0,013 mm. It is used with a help of cold rolling with further annealing in vacuum furnace. Percentage composition is compliant with GOST 19 807 — 74. A sample capture for chemical composition is done according to GOST 24 231−80.

Titanium foil of grade 1

Thickness, mm Unit measure Widths, mm Price
0.35 kg 200 negotiated
0.25 — «- 200 — «-
0.15 — «- 100 — «-


An addition of tantalum increases a quality and size of electric capacitor (usual and electrodeposited). In manufacture of bulletproof jacket kevlar make a good showing. Titanium foil, which composed of few layers, provides the same strength but it is significantly softener. Titanium foil is successfully used in the capacity of biologically inert material in medicine, f. e. when making dental prosthesis in dentistry. Resistance to corrosion, to temperature differential, plasticity, and softness make a foil an indispensable material of XXI century.


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