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Lead tape, foil


Flake lead serves as a billet for further rolling and is a solid rectangular profile. To obtain it, the metal is first melted to a liquid state, and then this mass is poured into special moulds. The grades of lead that are used are: 0, 1, 2, 3. The chemical composition is regulated by GOST 3778-98. If necessary, lead is alloyed with tin, nickel, antimony and other elements. GOST 24 231-80 specifies a selection of material and examination of its chemical composition.

The main qualities

Plasticity and malleability. Lead is very amenable to any machining: cutting, punching, drilling. The pellet itself is quite heavy, it is much heavier than steel. Safety precautions must be followed very carefully when working with lead, as it is quite toxic and can cause various diseases.


manufacture of shielding against penetrating radiation manufacture of containers for the storage of radioactive products. Lead is indispensable in the manufacture of acid-lead batteries, shot, bullets, glaze, crystal, solder, weight weights, electrolysis electrodes, and mirror amalgam. It is needed for balancing car wheels .


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