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Stainless rolled metal products

Technical characteristics

Those steel grades that differ with high corrosion resistance relate to stainless mill-products. They are used for manufacture of various types of products as pipes, sheets, wire, strip etc. The history of application of stainless mill-products dates back to hundred of years when in 1913 chrome was firstly added to iron. This action changed chemical and physical properties of alloy.


The advantage of stainless mill-products resides in its corrosion resistance, strength and ecological safety. If to take into account a relatively low cost, the products of stainless steel can be truly named as universal. Nowadays, stainless mill-products are indispensable in such spheres as building industry, mechanical engineering, industrial manufacture, food industry, medicine.

Types of mill-products

There are a few types of stainless products:

— rolled tubular stainless mill-products. They are widely used in petroleum industry and community facilities where specific features of application of rolled tubular steel stainless mill-products are very diverse.

— stainless flat products are one of the most popular types of metal-roll. It can be used off-the-shelf or as a blanket for different products. Stainless sheet differs with high variety of surface types. This allows satisfying the needs of enterprises in different industrial spheres.

— bar section. The following products relate to this type of mill-products: channel bar, angle, band. They are required for increase of resistance and stiffness of large constructions. Such types of bar section as rod, square bar, hex bar are often used in mechanical and tool building.


All types of stainless steel products contain a percent of chrome (not less than 10,5%). To increase a level of corrosion resistance, there are added such components as molybdenum, nickel. To increase a heat resistance, there must be added cobalt, molybdenum, tungsten. A content of chrome is a determining factor in defining of stainless steel quality.

Stainless steel is often replaced with carbon steel that has protective covering. By using chrome that has an affinity to oxygen. Covering of steel with chrome oxide film is performed at molecular level. At accidental damage of surface, there is performed an oxide film regeneration. It means that a surface is still protected from corrosion.


All above-mentioned characteristics of stainless mill-products make them highly-requested these days and sometimes they are just indispensable. This metal is universal because it is applied in a manufacture of kitchen-knives, complex fragments of blocks for air-craft and rocket engineering, stainless products for medicine.


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