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Molybdenum powder


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Technical characteristics

Molybdenum is a refractory metal of light-grey color. This is the 42nd element of chemical table, where it is designated as Mo. Density constitutes 10.2 g/cm³, boiling temperature is 4630 °C, and melting point is 2620 °C. Molybdenum powder is a highly-dispersed mass than contains not less than 99.169% of Mo. It is used in the capacity of alloying component and catalytic material for manufacture of semi-conductive supportings, manufacture of lightning equipment, for spaying on a surface etc.

Physical properties of Mo

Description Identification
Temperature of characteristic receiving in °С 20°С
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α [1/°С] 4,9x10-6
Density of metallic Mo [g/cm3] 10.2
Melting point 2620°С
Specific heat at 20 °C [J/(kg/deg)] 0.256
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 142
Specific electric resistance R Оhm-mm2/m 0.054


Grade MPH manufactured in accordance with technical conditions 48−19−316−80 is the most requested molybdenum powder. This powder grade contains not less than 99.5% of Mo, 92% of which are smaller than 5 µm.


Molybdenum powder is requested in the capacity of feedstock for manufacture of compacted metal. The billets are formed with a help of powder metallurgy. They serve as the blankets for manufacture of sheets, wire, bars. Advantages of molybdenum allow to widely using it as an alloying component.

Grade of powder Molybdenum Si Fe Al Ni Na K Mg Ca C W Mn Zn ∑Ме**
PM 99.95 more than 99.95% 50 100 30 50 30 80 20 40 40 130 10 5 500

* A quantity of additives is given in permil of percent. Such gas-forming additives as O, N, C, S, H, Cl, F are not counted when evaluating molybdenum part.

** ∑Ме — additives of metals totalled up.

The main advantages of molybdenum

— possesses high heat resistance and melting point;

— its density is 10.2 g/m3 (almost twice smaller than tungsten). Due to this, alloys on molybdenum basis are in the lead by strength-to-density ratio at a temperature of up to 1370 °C.

— high module of elasticity;

— minimal coefficient of linear temperature expansion;

— has low thermal-neutrons capture cross-section;

— resistance to solutions of alkalis, salt, sulfuric, fluorhydric acids of different concentrations.


— high brittleness of welding seams;

— low plasticity at low temperature;

— low hammer scale;

— hardening of molybdenum by autofrettage is possible only up to 800 °C. Higher temperature leads to softening.

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