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Sheet, circle, wire, pipe 13Х11Н2В2МФ, EP517


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Heat-resistant chromium-nickel grade 13Х11Н2В2МФ (ЭИ961-sh) is one of the most common on the rolled steel market. It is melted in open arc furnaces. Its composition (according to GOST 5632-72) includes about 0.13% C, 10.5-12% Cr, amount of nickel and tungsten is about 2%. The theory of alloying is based on the effect of different substances on the nickel and chromium base. The increase in carbon in the composition lowers the heat resistance due to the formation of chromium carbides. The alloy also contains silicon 0.6%, molybdenum up to 0.5%, vanadium 0.3%, sulfur and phosphorus in hundredths of a percent.

Alloying of alloy 13Х11Н2В2МФ, ЭИ961-sh (GOST 5632-72)

C Si Nb Mo Cr W Mn Ni S P V Fe
0,1-0,16 ≤0,6 1,8-2,2 0,35-0,5 10,5-12 1,6-2 ≤0,6 1,5-1,8 ≤0,03 ≤0,03 ≤0,3 Basis


Rolled steel of this grade is indispensable in production of complex parts and structures, blanks for making critical working and fastening mechanisms in mechanical engineering, industrial chemistry, pulp and paper industry. The chromium content of more than 10.5% provides high resistance to gas corrosion. Tubes, sheets, rounds and wires of this steel grade successfully combines the advantages of the best stainless alloys and are capable of withstanding the temperature of more than 1000 °C in high-temperature installations.


Today, the technology for manufacturing circles and tubes made of heat-resistant steel alloys is virtually identical. As no industry today can do without taking into account economic factors, alloying expensive metals such as chrome, vanadium, tungsten, nickel, molybdenum are used very sparingly. But in spite of this, the performance of the metal must meet the required technological level. Heat-resistant and heat-resistant steel 13Х11Н2В2МФ (EP517-sh) is the embodiment of a balanced combination of each of the factors of production.

Circle is made by hot-rolled method in diameter from 5 to 270 mm, but most manufacturers can change these dimensions depending on the order. Hot deformation of semi-finished products is performed from an initial temperature of 1180 °C to a final processing point of 900 °C. The steel after deformation is cooled in the open air, in water or in oil. There is another method - cooling with water, followed by holding the product for 4-5 hours. Welding is carried out using TsT-19 electrodes.


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