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Solder PIC61


Used for tinning and soldering of radio equipment, work with printed circuit boards, precision instruments with highly hermetic seams, where overheating of parts is not allowed, for example, when joining rather thin wires. The high tin content of POS61 reduces the melting point of solder.

Form of production

Solder wire with diameter 1-1,4, diameter 1,5-5, ingots, bars with diameter 8-15*.


melting point Optimal melting point Specific weight (g/cm3) Electrical resistance in μ0m* m σ in MPa
Solidus 183 °C, Liquidus 190 °C 240°С 8,5 0,139 4,3

Among all tin-lead solders IOS 61 M, IOS 61 and IOS 40 give the highest level of purity of soldering and are designed for soldering of the most critical units.

Percentage composition GOST 21930-76)

Zn Sb Ni Fe Cu Bi Al As S Pb Sn
0.002 0.1 0.02 0.02 0,05 0,2 0.002 0.02 0.02 38.766 - 41 59 - 61

Comparative characteristics of solders

PIC brand Supply melting point Application
30 Bits, wire Ø 1-4 mm, bars 183-255°С Brazing and soldering of radiators, brass and zinc sheets
40 Bits, wire Ø 1-4 mm, bar 183-238°С Soldering of electrical equipment, galvanized iron parts, creating airtight seams.
61 Flake, wire Ø 0.5-4 mm, bar. 183-190°С Soldering of radio equipment, printed circuits, precision instruments.
90 rods 183-220°С Soldering and tinning of household and medical equipment.

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