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Duplex stainless steel, the price from the supplier

Technical characteristics

Duplex stainless steel got its name because it contains a ferritic and austenitic microstructure. Therefore, has properties, characteristic for austenitic and ferritic stainless steels. These alloys have high chromium content of 18−28% and the Nickel content reaches 4.5−8%. Duplex typically contains 2.5−4% molybdenum.


— resistance to corrosion;

— resistance to stress corrosion cracking;

— strength and yield strength higher than austenitic or ferritic grades;

— good weldability;

— good plasticity;

Duplex steel has good weldability, although not as good as stainless steel alloys austenitic grades. One of the advantages of duplex stainless steels is that they have a low coefficient of thermal expansion compared to austenitic stainless steel.


Duplex steel is usually used in: pulp and paper manufacturing, chemical processing, refining of oil and gas in the marine environment, in the production of equipment for pollution control of the environment.

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