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Welding wire PUNCH-11


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Technical characteristics

PANCH-11 wire is made according to TC 1842−118−00195 430−2002, TC 48−21−59З-85. This wire serves for welding of metal constructions together, for repair of appeared defects and cracks, for rewelding of used-up wholes. Wire contains special components, which conduce to seam formation. They also protect a melt pool from oxidizing. Secondary stresses do not occur at renovation. After remelting, metal must be exposed to additional tooling. Diameter of PANCH wire constitutes 1.2 mm. Chemical composition of wire: nickel, copper, manganese, iron and additional residual elements such as carbon, silicon. This wire is delivered in solid state.


Main components Ni Mn Fe% Si% + C % Residual elements
Basis 5−6% 2,3−3% up to 2% up to 0,3% up to 0,3%


PANCH 11 wire is the most suitable for welding and rewelding of very consistent pig iron. It is very suitable for cold welding. There is also possible open-arc semiautomatic welding (it means without protection of molten metals with flux or gas). Seams are made by low heat input. Virtually, there is no need to make a pause for cooling of details. With a help of this wire, you can easily weld up a crack of any cast-iron detail even in very hard-to-reach place. After welding all-weld metal is easy to weld. It does not buckle and there is no internal stress.

There is not required an additional use of shielding gas during welding because special chemical elements are included in composition. During welding of cast iron, there occurs its chilling. During heating, it rapidly melts from solid state into liquid. This wire easily copes with all these problems. Cracks do not appear at welding. In order to increase reliability of welding, it is necessary to put a threaded stud into edges of separated weld. During welding of cast iron, there is used a method of annealing welds.


PANCH wire increases quality of welding and level of load bearing of details after their restoration. While doing that, increases a welding rate and decreases a preliminary operation. Besides, there are increased opportunities for details repairing. Welding supply essentially decreases in comparison with usual arc welding.


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