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Metal cobalt

Technical Characteristics

Cobalt is a heavy metal (both in atomic weight and density). In the periodic table of Mendeleev, cobalt is indicated by the symbol Co In the photo, cobalt is a bluish-gray, shiny ingot This element is found in more than 30 minerals. It is mined mainly from nickel ore by treating it with solutions of sulfuric acid or ammonia. The main mechanical properties of this metal are represented by the following parameters:

  • melting point - 1495 °C;
  • boiling point - 2957 ° C;
  • thermal conductivity - 100 W/(m*K).

It should be noted that this metal is a ferromagnet and this property determines one of its main fields of application. First of all we are talking about cores of electric motors and transformers. It is also used in the manufacture of permanent magnets.


Cobalt has been known to man since the dawn of time. Blue cobalt glasses, enamels, paints are found in the tombs of Ancient Egypt. Cobalt in the form of an alloying additive is used in the production of steel with high performance requirements. Alloys with cobalt, then they have proven excellent in the manufacture of tools of increased strength (drills, cutters , etc.). Fast-cutting tools, the composition of which is alloyed with cobalt are characterized by high parameters:

  • heat resistance;
  • wear resistance;
  • impact toughness;
  • resistance to corrosion in aggressive media.

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