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Tape and aluminum foil

"It's not enough to invent something, you also need someone to appreciate the invention" K. Izhikovsky


Aluminum tape is about three millimeters thick. The method of production, the quality of blanks reflect directly on the features, quality and functionality of the finished product. Alloys for tape production meet the standards of GOST 13726-97. А0, А5, А6, А7 grades by the chemical composition comply with GOST 11069-74; AV, V95, D16, D1, MM, D12, АМц, АМцС, АМг2, АМг3, АМг5, АМг6, 1105, 1915 - GOST 4784-74; VD1, В95-1 - GOST 1131-76. Quality control is carried out according to GOST 24231-80.

Quality .

Production accuracy can be normal, or with symmetrical and asymmetrical thickness deviations from the specified norms. The surface finish is standard. A distinction is made between general-purpose and special-purpose strip. The most commonly used alloy grades are А5, АД1, as well as VD1, АМц, 1105.

Aluminum Tape

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Mark Price
0,5-1 1100-1200
A5H (food grade), A5M As agreed
0,5-1 1100-1200 AD1H By agreement
0,5-1 1100-1200
VD1AN2, VD1AM ---"---
0,5-1 1100-1200 1105AN2, 1105AM as agreed
0,5-1 1100-1200 AMZH2 --- "---


In contrast to steel tape, aluminum tape is not magnetic. Due to plasticity, it can be rolled out in a thin layer, but this does not prevent it from retaining qualities such as heat resistance, as well as resistance to corrosive influences. It is fully compliant with the established standards and biological safety. It is characterized by good electrical conductivity, excellent plastisability, easy to deform, cut, stamped, able to withstand considerable pressure.


Thin aluminum foil is wrapped in food, which contributes to a longer shelf life. Thicker tape in the food industry has found its application, for example, in the manufacture of cans and lids for canning. It is used in industry: as elements of lightweight parts of heavy machinery. It can also serve as additional protection against dust, dirt and harmful external factors.


Aluminum tape is produced clad and unclad. The first has a marking: A, if it is with conventional cladding and B - with technological. Variations in thickness of the finished product can be symmetrical and asymmetrical. In the latter cases, the letters O (for normal precision) and P (for increased accuracy) are applied.

Marking Description
Б technological cladding
Н1 quarter nagrassed
HZ three quarters soldered
М annealed
П refined
Н annealed
Н2 semi-naked
А clad usually
enhanced finish

Self-adhesive tape, foil for air duct sealing is produced with a layer of adhesive. It is applied to a surface well cleaned of dirt and dust. Such tape or foil is rolled to the required width, or cut lengthwise if the width exceeds 1000 mm.

Range GOST Mark Parameters
Tape 1З726-97 AMG5BM, 1105AM, AK4-1, 1105AN, AD1M, 1561BM, AD1H2, 1561B, AMg6B, A0M, A0H2P, A5, A5M, A5N, AMg5M, A5H2P, A7M, AD0M, AD0N, AD1Mp, AD1N, AMg6BM, АДМ, АДН, АДН2, АМg2М, АМg2H, АМg2NR, АМgZ, АМgZM, АМgZN2, АМg5, АМg6, АМg6М, АМc, АМcM, АМcN, АМcN2, 0,25-5,0x40-2000
Tape 1З726-97 VD1AT, D16AM, D16AT, D16hAT, D1T, D16hATV, D19AT, D1AT, D19А, D19AM, D19hAT, D19hATV. 0,25-5,0x40-2000


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