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Aluminium strip and foil


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
Д16 1160 3.1355 AA2024 AlCuMg2 Buy from stock, view availability
Д1 1110 Buy from stock, view availability
АМц 3003 3.0517 AlMn1Cu Buy from stock, view availability
АМГ6 AlMg6 Buy from stock, view availability
ВД1 1105 Buy from stock, view availability
А0 Buy from stock, view availability
А5 Buy from stock, view availability

'It's negligible to invent something; it must be appraised by someone' K. Izhikovskiy


The aluminum strip has the gage about three millimeters. Manufacture method, quality of billets reverberate directly on features, quality and functionality of ultimate product. Alloys for strip manufacturing are coming up to GOST standards 13726−97. Grades ENAW-1100, ENAW-1050A, ENAW-1060, ENAW-1070A by chemical composition come up to GOST 11069−74; grades 1340, ENAW-7075, ENAW-2024, ENAW-2017A, ENAW-3005, ENAW-3004, AIMg2, AWAIMg3, 1550, 1560, 1105, 1915 — GOST 4784−74; grade AA7075 — GOST 1131−76. The quality control is realized due to GOST 24231−80.


Manufacturing accuracy can be normal or with symmetric and asymmetric divergence in gage from accepted standards. The surface finished in standard. By the intent the strip is distinguished into general and special purpose. The most often is the usage of alloys of such grades — ENAW-1050A, ENAW-1235, AWAIMn1, 1105.

Aluminum strip

Gage (mm) Width (mm) Grade Price
0,5−1 1100−1200

ENAW-1050A (edible)


By agreement
0,5−1 1100−1200 ENAW-1235 By agreement
0,5−1 1100−1200 AlDA1 -------------------
0,5−1 1100−1200 1105 By agreement
0,5−1 1100−1200


The aluminum strip is not magnetic in distinction from steel strip. Due to its plasticity, it can be rolled into thin sheet, but it doesn’t influence on its thermal fastness and durability to corrosion effect. It completely comes up to established standards and biological safety. The aluminum strip differs by perfect electrical conduction. It perfectly defy to plasticity, deformation, easily is cutting up, stamping and is capable to withstand significant pressure.


Meal is wrapping up into thin aluminum foil, it facilitate for meal’s longer depositation. Wider strip has found its place in food industry, for example, in manufacturing of cans and caps for conservation. It is used in industry as the elements stanch details and heavy-duty production. Also it can be used as additional joint protection from dust, mud and detrimental outer factors.

The Marking

The aluminum strip is produced clad and unclad. The first one has the grade A- if it has ordinary cladding and B — technological cladding. Rejection in gage of ultimate product can be symmetric and asymmetric. In last cases letters are plotting — OA (ordinary accuracy), HA (higher accuracy).

Symbol Description
TC Technological cladding
¼H Hard-drawn in quarter
¾H Hard-drawn in three fourth
A Annealed
BB Bright bar
H Hard-drawn
½H Half hard-drawn
OC Ordinary clad
HA Higher accuracy

Pressure adhesive tape, foil for pressurization of air ducts are manufacturing with inflicted layer of glue. It is applied on the clear area from dust and mud. Such strip, foil is rolled with necessary width or, when the width is more than 1000 mm, is cutting along.

Assortment GOST Grade
Strip 13726−97 1557, 1105, А199.3, 1561, ENAW-1100, ENAW-1050A, АА5019, АА5356, ENAW-1070A, ENAW-Al99.5, ENAW-1235, 1200, ENAW-5051A, ENAW-5754, AWAIMg5, 1560, AWAIMn1, ENAW-3003.
Strip 13726−97 ENAW-AlCu4Mg1, 1190, ENAW-AlCu4MgSi (A.

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