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Sheet, strip, foil 14KH17N2, ЭИ268

Sheet, strip (foil)


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Brand 14KH17N2 (ЭИ268) is a chromium-Nickel stainless steel hard-alloy alloy martensitic-ferritic class, whose structure contains Nickel 1,5−2,5%, chrome — 16−18%. As additives to the mixture is added titanium — 0.2%, copper — 0.3%, carbon 0,11−0,17% manganese and silicon, 0.8%, phosphorus and sulfur — hundredths of a percent.


Sheet 14KH17N2 (ЭИ268) is made according to GOST, which applies to hot-rolled and cold-rolled of heat resisting alloys on Nickel and iron-Nickel-based, open lost wax casting method. Depending on the operational conditions of the rolled sheet may have different thickness, but usually more than 1 mm. Sheet and strip are sorted by type of edge, flatness, precision rolling. Flatness is a special, superior, normal and high. Accuracy — high and normal. Edge — edged and not edged.

The percentage composition of (GOST 5632−72)

Fe C Cu Ni Cr Mn P Ti Si S
Basis 0,11−0,17 ≤0.3 mm 1,5−2,5 16−18 ≤0,8 ≤0,003 0,2 ≤0,8 ≤0,025


The temperature of the hot deformation of hire is at the beginning of 1150 — 1180 °C, and in the end — 850 °C. Recommended hardening temperature in air or in water not higher than 1200 °C. Flat rolled quenched at a temperature of 1050−1150°C in air. Welding. Possible by any method. Using manual arc welding, the recommended electrodes OzL-35, OzL-25.


Sheet, strip and foil stamps 14KH17N2 (ЭИ268) are widely used in various industries: heavy engineering, construction, medical and chemical industry, in the production of Cutlery and tableware. They are especially in demand in those areas where materials with high resistance to thermal overload, for example, in heating installations, constructions of turbines, combustion chambers, motors, furnaces. Heat resistant steel sheet 14KH17N2 (ЭИ268) produce parts of jet engines. The high content of Nickel and chromium allows such products to withstand high temperature (over 1000°C) and not lose the high resistance to aggressive gas environments.

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