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Rod, wire, pipe, sheet, strip made of CuZn37 (2.0321)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
L63 2.0321 C27200 CuZn37 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

All brasses can be divided into two-component (simple) and multi-component (special). Two-component brass CuZn37 (2.0321) contains about 63% of copper and 34−37% of zinc. Such brass possesses good strength characteristics, corrosion resistance. It is malleable material.


It is used in part of cryogenic techniques; for brazing, gas welding and carbon steel deposit welding. ;

Percentage composition GOST 15527−2004

Cu Zn Pb% Fe% P% Sb% and Bi%
62−65% 34,22−37,5% ≤ 0.07% ≤ 0.2% ≤ 0.001% 0,005% and 0,002%

Two-component brasses mainly consist of copper, zinc and residual elements in small quantity. Level of zinc saturation concentration in copper at low temperature is not more than 39%. It decreases at temperature raise, and at 905 °C, it equals 32%. That is why brass that contains less than 39% of zinc has single-phase zinc solution structure in copper. If to add a bigger zinc quantity into molten copper, zinc will not completely solve. That is why brass will be very hard and brittle after solidification. Duplex alloys have high strength, but low plasticity in comparison to single-phase brasses. If zinc quantity is up to 30%, alloy strength increases without loss of plasticity. Then plasticity decreases a little.

Mechanical properties (t° 20° С)

Range of products GOST



-   MPa % %


Pressed bar 2060−2006 290 33    
Hard bar 2060−2006 440 11    
Soft bar 2060−2006 290 44    
Hard wire 1066−90 540−930      
Soft wire 1066−90 310−340 18−34    
Hard wire 12920−67 540−880      
Soft wire 12920−67 310−340 26−34    
Cold-rolled soft band 931−90 290−400 38    
Hot-rolled band 931−90 290−390 30    
Cold-rolled soft band 931−90 410−570 8    


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