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Aluminum wire


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
АМГ6 AlMg6 Buy from stock, view availability
АК5 Buy from stock, view availability
АМГ3 5754 AlMg3 Buy from stock, view availability
АМГ5 5056 AlMg5 Buy from stock, view availability
АМц 3003 3.0517 AlMn1Cu Buy from stock, view availability

Today we can’t imagine any branch of industry without aluminum wire.


  • 1. High workability
  • 2. Plastic and low degree of melting 600 °C.
  • 3. Cheaper, stability to corrosion, high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, weaker magnetic qualities.
  • 4. Minimal weigh
  • 5. The wire is very precious for its stability to influence atmospheric and soil moisture, biological inertness. It corresponds to all medical requirements, which faced with usual equipment and kitchenware.
  • 6. Use for welding aluminum electrode allows to get not only strength, but plastic seam and he is stable to atmospheric influence.


Welding wire produced due to GOST 7871−75, using in production such marks as 1560, ER 4043, ENAW-5754, AlMg5, AlMn1Cu with chemical composition, standardization GOST 4784−97. Production of cold wire corresponds to GOST 14 838−78, using the alloy 1165 and the mark ENAW-Al99.35 (GOST 4784−97).

The selection and preparedness of attempts of controlling chemical composition is due to GOST 24 231−80. The alloys 1560, ENAW-5754, AlMg5, AlMn1Cu referred to deformed, it is very easy to weld them, processing and they are stable to any kind of corrosion. Technical wire of the mark ENAW-Al99.35 differs corrosion stability, electrical conductivity and high level of plastic.

The wire of mark ER 4043 extended profile with small diameter from casting alloy. Because of the high level of silicon and copper, it differs high level of hardness. To strong durals we can referred the alloy of the mark 1165. To improve his chemical durability we can use anodic oxidation and cladding.

Wire classification

  • By purpose and technology of production

— for cold landing GOST 7871−75. Ø 0,8−12,5 mm. There are two kind of wire — pressed (P) and drawn (W).

— for welding — GOST 14 838−78.

— electrotechnical — ТY 16. К71−088−90.

— circled for air wire LEP — TY 16−705.472−87

2. By accuracy of production

— high (H)

— usual

  • By processing of material
  • By the way of delivers
  • Without thermal processing
  • Annealed (M)
  • Hardened (N)
  • Semi-hardened — PT.
  • Naturally aged tempered — T.
  • Artificially aged tempered — T1.

In the process of annealing the plasticity and processing of material extremely increasing through cutting, and cold deformation support the improving of alloys.

— in the bundles.

— in the reels.

— in the bays.

The wire Standards Marking Sizes
Aluminum wire GOST 148З8−78 GOST 7871−75 ТY 16−7О5.472−87 OK Autrod 18.22, АВL, A199.0, OK Autrod 18.01, ENAW-Al99.35, ENAW-1235, ENAW-Al99.35OK Autrod 18.01, 1015, 1015, A03550, 1560, AlMg3, АlМг3Н, 1557, OK Autrod 18.22, AA5056, 1560, A 95556, ENAW-AlMn1, ER 5356, 3003 Н111, 1980, OK Autrod 18.15, 1165, AlCuMg2pl, ENAW-AlCu2.5Mg, 2117, 1197, A03550, 1117, OK Autrod 18.01, ОК 18.04, OK Autrod 18.01 1,6−5, О


Food industry, buildings, mechanical engineering. He is used in production cables, wires, furniture fittings, design elements. We can’t imagine sausage industry without him, beer industry and transport engineering. He is used in welding in the form of melting electrodes or strapping.


Aluminum wire is indispensable when welding such construction which have contact with soil and atmospheric moisture. That guarantee the defense from thermal cracks, improve the seam, increase the corrosion stability and plasticity. To get more plastic and stable to corrosion seam, we can use less alloy aluminum electrodes. When welding aluminum alloys, we can use the wire which is maximally near to that detail by his chemical composition. An exception is the alloy Ai+Mg. The fact is that in the process of welding magnesium evaporates. That’s why it is necessary to use the wire in which the percent of magnesium is much more than in the composition of the detail.

Name The mark of alloy Note
Imported aluminum welding wire:

OK Autrod 18. О1

OK Autrod 18. О4

OK Autrod 18.11

OK Autrod 18.15

OK Autrod 18.16

OK Autrod 18.2О

OK Autrod 18.22

Welding from pure Al

Welding of alloys from silicon and aluminum, or silicon, magnesium and aluminum: AI-P6082; 6061, AA6063

Al welding and its alloys in the food industry and in the aircraft industry

Alloys containing 3 percent Mg: AlMg3, AlMg4, AlMg5, AlMg6 with similar alloys

Welding of alloys containing up to 5 percent Mg or aluminum alloys with manganese and non-alloyed aluminum alloys

For welding alloys with a Mg content of up to 5 percent, to produce high strength T-joints

Welding of alloys containing up to 6 percent: AlMg6, ENAW-AlMg4,5Mн, MIG 5556 и MIG 5356 for obtaining high strength T-joints

Native aluminum wire

OK Autrod 18.01, OK Autrod 18.01, OK Autrod 18.01, OK Autrod 18.01

OK Autrod 18.01, OK Autrod 18.15, 5356, AlMg4.5Mn, OK Autrod 18.22, OK Autrod 18.22, АLMg 4,5Mn Zr

SVАК1О, 4043

OK Autrod 18.11

Technical pure aluminum alloy of aluminum and manganese

Welding of aluminum and magnesium

Welding of aluminum and silicon

Welding of aluminum and copper

An example of designation can serve that note:

OK Autrod 18.01, GOST 7871−75. That is designation of welding wire, pressed from aluminum alloy СвА85 in hardened condition, Ø 5 mm, delivered in bays.


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