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The metal niobium

Technical characteristics

Niobium (Nb) — 41-th element of the periodic table of D. I. Mendeleev. The atomic weight of 93,986, Is a refractory metal with a silvery-grayish color with a melting point of 2468 °C has a number of advantages. In industry it is used both in pure form and as alloying component. For example, an alloy of niobium and silver is produced collectible coins (Austria). Absolute advantages of metal are:

  • good machinability;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • excellent weldability;
  • getter properties.
Specific gravity Nb 8,57 g/cm3
Melting point 2468 °C
Boiling point 4742 °C
The specific heat of fusion Of 26.8 kJ/mol
The latent heat of vaporization 680 kJ/mol
The degree of oxidation 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

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Refractory niobium and its alloys are essential for parts of aircraft and missiles; nuclear accelerators, nuclear boilers shells (niobium carbide, t° melting 3480°C), and containers for molten metals and storage of radioactive waste. Coolants in nuclear reactors (liquid sodium and potassium), moving on niobium tubes. Niobium demand in the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors; cathodes, anodes, grids, powerful generator tubes. Alloys of niobium produces chemical equipment. They alloyed chromium steel. He has also found application in cryotron — superconducting components of the computing machines.


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