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Rod, pipe, bar made of HN75MBTJU


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
HN75MBTYu EI602 2.4856 N06625 NiCr22Mo9Nb Buy from stock, view availability


Wire, rod, tube made of nickel-chromium steel are intended for manufacturing details that exploit at a high temperature (<850 ºС) in aggressive chemical environments. Due to a significant content of nickel and chrome, details that are made of this alloy have a high corrosive resistance by providing an increased reliability of equipment. A wire is an indispensable material for manufacturing welding electrodes, fasteners of gas transmission systems or combustion chambers; for welding of structural steels in energetic mechanical engineering.

Chemical composition

Ni Mo Cr Fe Nb Si Al Mn Ti C S Cu
≤77.6 1.8−2.3 19−22 ≤1 0.9−1.3 ≤0,8 0.35−0.75 ≤0,4 0.35−0.75 ≤0.12 ≤0,012 ≤0,1

Main properties

Lineal expansion coefficient = 12.4 (1/deg) at a temperature of 100 °C. Density = 8,3 g/cm³, heating capacity = 13.45 V/(m*deg). Mechanical properties vary according to a working temperature. Wire has a heat conduction coefficient 0,126 • 10² V/(m• К). Due to an advantageous chemical composition, it has high weldability. It allows making complex constructions without using special processing equipment and without additional heat treatment on completing welding jobs. Alloy surface does not oxidize during a durable exploitation and at a high temperature. Such a wire is malleable. This makes it popular in a manufacture of electrical or industrial appliances. It possesses a resistance in oxidising atmosphere if there are present ammonia and nitrogen. Its main demerit is that a wire does not have stability in atmosphere of sulphur compounds. It is not cheap because its main component — nickel is expensive.

Heat treatment

Thermohardening is done at a temperature of 1000 — 1100ºС with further cooling in water or in the air. Such heat treatment conduces to normalization of inherent stress in material and to increasing of strength characteristics of details.


Wire HN75MWTJU is much-requested in heaters of electric furnaces, in baking furnaces and kilns, in devices of thermal effects, in home appliances. Nowadays, the widest application of such wire is found in petrochemical mechanical engineering. It is also used in rheostat and resistor elements; in manufacture of copper, vacuum tools elements of increased reliability. It can be used as a cutting or heating element in packaging thermal knives for packet sealing. Its increased plasticity allows performing a rolling at low temperatures, thereby reducing energy demands. Due to corrosive resistance, it is used in some aggressive environments as a chemically resistant alloy.

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