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Alloy of titanium grade gost VT8


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
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General characteristics

Alloy of this titanium alloy relates to a group of α+β alloys. They are manufactured according to GOST 19 807−74, IS 90 013−81. It is alloyed with 6% of Al, 4,5% of V. Aluminium can reinforce α + β phase. Vanadium contributes to stabilization of β-phase and hinders a formation of alpha-2 superstructure in α-phase Age-hardening, thermohardening increase strength level for 15 — 20%, keeping a relatively high ductility at that. After a while, there were offered refinements of alloy VT8−1, VT8M-1, VT8M. Optimum combination of properties provides a double or isothermal annealing. A content of β — phase in annealed alloy is 10%. Alloys of this grade are hardened thermally.

Technological parameters

Volume weight Properties Point of melting Application Manufacturing process
4,48 g/cm³ A high percentage of aluminium and alloying with silicon increase a heat resistance, strength in comparison with titanium alloy of grade 5. Maximum working temperature is +480°. Alloy of VT8 grade is superior to gost VT3−1, VT9 grades by plasticity, thermal and crack resistance, workability. 980−1020° Fasteners, disks, blades of low pressure, compressors. It satisfactorily deforms in a hot condition. Workability is lower than in titanium grade 5 during pressure treatment. Welding is not recommended.

Technical characteristics

Semi-fabricates Strength (MPa) Heat treatment KCU J/cm³ Plasticity δ%
Hot-deformed pipes 1080 Annealing --- 12%
Hot-deformed pipes more than 950 Annealing more than 30 more than 6%
Hot-deformed pipes 1050 Condition of supply 55 10.5%
Hot-deformed pipes 1100 950°, 1 h up to 570° 1 h, in air 58 9.5%
Hot-deformed pipes 1030 920°, 1 h up to 600° 1 h, in air 62 9.7%


Titanium pipe gost VT8 is much-requested in modern industry. It is more often used in chemical, oil and gas industry because it has a high anti-corrosion properties and chemical inertness. Mill-products of this grade are biologically inert. Due to this, they are used in medicine, pharmaceutics. Its non-magnetization gives significant advantages at installation of electrical technologies.


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