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Strip, sheet, ingot from India


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Indium (chemical symbols is In) is the 49th element of periodic system. Its name came from spectroscopic indium line (indigo-blue color). It is silver-white metal that looks like zinc. It differs with high fusibility, significant softness, forgeability. By its chemical properties, it is similar to gallium or aluminium.


In 1863, German chemists Richter and Reich suddenly found out bright indigo-blue line in spectrum during false galenite analysis. Chemists were looking for gallium which forms green glow lines but instead of it, they invented absolutely unknown new element. Being released in a pure state, it turned out to be very soft (almost 20 toms softer than gold and much softer than plumb). A small ingot of newly-discovered metal of the size of a pencil was evaluated in 700 dollars per 1 gramme. Currently, a price for 1 kg is about 700 dollars. Its usage in the world is on the rise. To 2006, it reached 860 tonnes.


Indium can be met in the form of low-percentage mining additives. A high ferriferous zinc sulfide contains indium up to a tenth of percent,
pyritous copper — one order less, pyrrhotine and tin-stone — permil of percent. Indium concentration in tungstenite, arsenic iron, iron pyrite constitutes a few gramme per tonne. Total content of this element in lithospheric area is about 0.25 g/t.


In chemistry, there are no useless second runnings. Process of indium reclamation out of manufacturing runoffs serves as a proof of it. Indium is obtained out of intermediate runoffs of zinc, copper, plumb, tin where it is contained (up to 0.1%). Its separation from cadmium, copper, zinc, antimony is very hard process but it is worth the effort: indium is much-requested. Firstly, there is performed its rough separation from zinc, cadmium, copper. Ingoing material is treated with sulfuric acid that dissolves the metals. There is extracted a concentrated product by hydrolytic decomposition. It is reached with changing of acid solution intensity. Cadmium hydroxide is settled down at pH of the order 8, copper and zinc hydroxide — at 6. For «transplanting» of indium hydroxide, index of pH solution must indicate 4. «Impure indium» is separated by carbonization of aluminium and zinc concentrate. «Pure indium» is obtained by purifying reaction with zone refining.

Range of purity

According to GOST 10 297−94 that specifies quality of manufactured indium bars, pyramids, ingots, this metal has five ranges of purity. They depend on percentage composition. Grade In0000 contains 99.9999% of chemically pure indium. In000 — 99.9995%, In00 — 99.999%. In0 — 99.998%, In2 — 99.97%.

Technical characteristics

Indium density at 20 °C is 7.31 g/cm3. It can be dissolved almost in all acids but faster in mineral acids (very easily in nitrogenous and chlorine acids). It is resistant to alkali solutions but can react with chlorine and bromine. Indium can also react with sulfur, phosphorus fumes, iodine at heating. Critical temperature of superconductivity is 3.405°К. In contrast with magnesium, which can inflame at a temperature of 623 °C, indium can withstand heating up to 800 °C. But after this, it bursts into purple-blue flame and forms oxide.

Physical features

Description Identification
Atomic (molal) weight mole/h 114.818
Oxidation rate 3,1
Density [g/cm3]

Melting point is 1400° 153°С
Melting heat kJ/mole 3.24
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 81.8
Evaporation heat kJ/mole 225.1


It can be used as an additive to germanium or silicon for manufacture of microelectronic circuits. It is easy-melting solder: due to unique indium adhesion with many materials (for example to solder it with glass). Coverage of vehicle headlights and mirrors with indium increases their reflectivity to a level of silver. At that, their resistance to atmospheric effects is much higher. Indium is included in composition of «blue gold». It is applicable for manufacture of liquid crystal display, photoelectric devices, thermocouple division in the capacity luminophore. Coverage of diesel forcer aluminium skirts with indium decreases their wearing quality. Indium arsenide is high effective high-thermal thermoelectric material. 111In, 113In isotopes are applied in radioisotope diagnostics. 115In isotope is utilized for a purpose of demodulation with boundary neutrino energy of 120 keV.

In XXI century, world usage of this metal has rapidly increased and to 2009 it could reach 900 tonnes. It is an indispensable material for techniques of high vacuum — for packing covers, layings. It is also applied for packaging of elementary particle accelerators, spaceships. System of electrochemistry elements mercury indium-oxide serves for manufacture of electric accumulators of high energy storage capacity Alloy of indium and silver possesses resistance to hydrogen sulfide effect and used in manufacture of reflective high-quality covers. Alloys of indium, gallium, tin, zinc can me melted at room temperature, so that they can serve as liquid-metal coolants. Indium helps to control nuclear reaction due to thermal neutron absorption. There is made glass out of InO oxide that can absorb thermal neutrons. The most popular composition of such glass is 125 of InO, 33% of borium oxide, 55% of cadmium oxide. Indium orthophosphate is included into composition of dental cement.

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