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Tantalum powder

Technical characteristics

Tantalum powder is highly dispersive mass that is obtained by mechanical or chemical method. It is used for manufacture of jewellery, heat-resistant alloys and condensers as an alloying component for material of nuclear reactors.

Physical properties of Ta

Description Identification
Atomic (molal) weight mole/h 180.948
Atomic number 73
Density of Ta [g/cm3] 16.65
Melting point 3020°С
Oxidation rate 5
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 10.9
Molecular volume cm3/mole 57.5


Powder tantalum is obtained out of tantalum tinplate strippings of grade TN-3 by method of processing in sealed furnaces in atmosphere of filtered hydrogen. Except for required weakness, this technology ensures an absence of oxide marks on a surface. After being in furnace, powder must be directed to concentration table to do blasting. When heating in porcelain bowls, there are separated electrolyte residues along with additives with a help of hydrochloric and nitric acids. Then, power must be rinsed with water and extensively dried. Manufacture of powder-like tantalum is also possible by method of molten chloride salt electrolysis that contains tantalum potassium fluoride — K2 TaF7, pentoxide Ta2 O5, chloride potassium, and potassium fluoride.


Powder tantalum might be black depending on dispersion. But most of fractions have light of blue-iron-grey color. Powder tantalum is very malleable and forgeable in a pure state. It possesses a great corrosion resistance even being under effect of concentrated acid. During heating of powder into hydrogen, tantalum turns into black powder of hydride and hydrogen is absorbed. At the beginning of pressing, there must be added a spirit or glycerol solution that completely vanishes at baking.

Percentage composition of powder tantalum

Grade N Mo Ti Al O W Co Na Cu Cr Ta
Category 0,012 0,01 0,0008 0,0008 0,15 0,01 0,0001 0,0003 0,002 0,0008  
5a 0,012 0,001 0,0008 0,0003 0,25 0,003 0,0001 0,0003 0,001 0,0005  
5b 0,012 0,001 0,0008 0,0003 0,3 0,003 0,0001 0,0003 0,001 0,0005  
WW-1, WW-2, WW-3 0,012 0,001 0,0008 0,0005 0,15 0,003 0,0001 0,0003 0,001 0,0005  
TaPA, TaPB 0,012 0,001 0,0008 0,0003 0,35 0,003 0,0001 0,0003 0,001 0,0005  
TaPM 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,9 0,02 0,0005 0,0005 0,01 0,008  

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