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Duralumin circle, wire, pipe, sheet D1G


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Technical characteristics

Deformable alloy from which D1T bar is produced has a wide range of applications. Its main advantages are:

- hardness up to 95 MPa;

- ease of machining;

- high specific strength.

Due to these characteristics, it is often used in the manufacture of knots of fixing, in building structures and in the production of parts for the aircraft industry. In order to increase the plasticity properties, sheet D1T is subjected to a baking process, and to improve the strength properties - to artificial aging.


The material gets its maximum hardness during cold deformation, while ductility and workability are achieved through annealing and annealing. After annealing, excellent formability is achieved, and after aging considerable self-strengthening is achieved. Annealing. The alloy is heated to 500°C and upon cooling it acquires the ductility of pure aluminum. After the aging process, hardness and toughness become the leading properties. It takes about 24 hours at 20 degrees Celsius to accomplish natural aging. Artificial aging requires higher temperatures, but much less time. Once hardening is complete, the alloy becomes a sufficiently robust material that can be used under load.


Duralumin of this grade has a hardness up to 95 MPa, medium strength and high anti-corrosion qualities. Due to these characteristics, sheet D1T is widely used in industry. It is used in the production of wagons, shipbuilding and construction. Production of the sheet itself is regulated by the requirements of GOST 17 232-99. D1T pipe is plastic enough it weighs little, is very well spot-welded and easily welded. To achieve corrosion resistance of the material it is clad with pure aluminum.


Mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, high-speed trains, residential or industrial construction. The preferred use of this alloy is due to its greater hardness compared to aluminum. Duralumin is considered to be one of the basic materials for manufacturing light pipes, profiles, sheets, wires and forgings. D1T pipe is used for fragments of building structures, laying pipelines for special purposes.

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