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Stainless steel turning


When manufacturing stainless steel products it is sometimes necessary to process the surface in several steps. Various technological methods make it possible to give the necessary shape and dimensions to the stainless steel product with high accuracy. Machining on a lathe makes it possible to cut steel workpieces in compliance with all technological norms and standards requirements.


Turning consists in the penetration of tool knives with their cutting edge into the depths of the workpiece, which allows you to separate the necessary layers of metal in the form of shavings. There are many tools on the lathe: dies, countersinks, shaped tools, reamers and drills. The lathe cutter is the most common tool. With his help, not only semi-finishing and roughing work, but also finishing the surface, threading.

Types of turning tools

  • Straight or bent straight cutters, cylindrical surfaces are processed, for example, turning of stepped rolls.
  • Surfaces on the ends of the steel workpiece are processed using undercutters, which are directed perpendicular to the rotating plane.
  • With the help of boring lathe cutters it is possible to make holes on stainless steel products.
  • Cutting of bars and pipes is carried out with the help of cutters.
  • Both external and internal threads are cut with special cutters called threading cutters.
  • Shaped cutters are used to process parts with a complex cross-section profile. They are used not only on lathes, but also on turret lathes and machine tools with automatic control.
  • Contour turning cutters can be used on shaped formations of various machines.

Turning cutters can be roughing, finishing, and thin. They can be tangentially or radially positioned in relation to the workpiece to be machined, and they can be fed to the left or to the right. Cutter heads can be straight, curved, bent or deflected. Cutters are categorized as circular, square and rectangular. There are special tool steels, hard alloys, ceramics and solid tools (e.g. diamond, elbor).


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