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HN35WT rod, wire, bar

HN35WT rod, wire HN35WT alloy


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Bar section of HN35WT grade is made of low-carbon constructional steel. It is a heat-resisting high-alloyed steel. Its composition constitute nickel (34−38%), iron (38−47%), chrome (14−16%). Titanium (1,1−1,5%), copper (<0,25%), phosphorus (<0,03%), mangan (1-2%), wolframium (2,3 — -3,5%), molybdenum (<0,3%), sulfur (0,02%) should be added in the capacity of masteralloys to charge mixture.

Percentage composition

GOST Cr Ni W Mn Ti Si Cu Mo P Fe S
5632−72 14−16 34−38 2.3−3.5 1.0−2.0 1.1−1.5 <0.6 <0.25 <0.3 <0.03 the rest <0.02

This steel serves for manufacture of devices and essential parts of building structure that work in aggressive conditions. In some cases, steel should be carburized (casehardened) with a purpose of increasing a hardness and wearing quality. A content of carbon of about 0,12% increases strength. At the beginning jumping-up temperature of semi-fabricates is 1170 °C; in the end temperature is 850 °C. Finished bar sections in the form of wire, rod or bar are cooled in air.


This alloy is easy weldable. It is necessary to do a previous heating to 200−300°С with an annealing (finishing heat treatment) to increase reliability of seams. Fastening of construction units is performed with a help of hand arc-welding method and electrodes KTI-762. Final annealing is recommended for releasing of stresses.


Wire, bar have the widest application: in details of high-temperature equipment that are exploited in mechanical engineering and petrochemical industry; in manufacture of disks, flat springs, fasteners that can work at temperature of <650 °C. If a temperature is higher than 850°C, there appears an active oxide scale formation. Rod is mainly used in metallurgic, chemical, textile industries. Wire is used in the capacity of electrode while welding a steel. Furnace conveyor grids are made of the thinnest wire.


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