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Characteristics of stainless steel

Characteristics of stainless steel

Alloy steel is commonly known as stainless steel. Its main advantage is resistance to rusting in gas and liquid media under the influence of aggressive substances. Its basis is chromium. Chrome content is usually from 12 to 20%. The composition may also include: nickel, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, silicon, etc. The higher the percentage of chromium in the alloy, the higher the resistance to corrosion. At 12-17% Cr products are capable of withstanding mildly aggressive gas environments, and if the composition has more than 17% of chromium, the alloy becomes resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis.

Why stainless steel does not corrode

Its surface is covered by a protective film of chromium and nickel oxides, which is restored in case of any damage to the products. The strength and homogeneity of the structure play an important role. Corrosion occurs when magnetic fields or high voltage currents are passed through parts. High-alloy steel with nickel, copper, molybdenum and silicon additives is used in an acid environment. Depending on the operating conditions, the composition is selected individually. The acidity, density and temperature of the corrosive medium are taken into account.

Types of stainless steel

1) chromium; 2) chrome-nickel; 3) chrome-manganese-nickel. Chromium, in turn, is subdivided into: 1) semi-ferritic, 2) ferritic, and 3) martensitic. Ferritic and martensitic are subdivided into the following types: 1) austenitic, 2) austenitic-ferritic, 3) martensitic, and 4) carbide. All grades of stainless steel have the widest application, from household to military-industrial complex.

Expands the sphere of application

Today the supplier offers any kind of stainless steel products, both standard and non-standard according to the special order. Expands the sphere of application by a wide range and variety of surfaces - brushed, polished, mirror surfaces. Variety of brands, allows you to choose the best value for money - quality. First of all it is about mechanical and chemical resistance. High durability of most brands allows you to significantly reduce costs and time for maintenance and repair.


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