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Purpose of stainless steel

Steel 12X17.

It is characterized by acid resistance and scale resistance. Alloy 12X17 is used to produce equipment for nitric acid plants (towers, heat exchangers for hot acid and hot gases, tanks, etc.). This steel is used for kitchen and tableware and canning factory equipment. It is also used for household goods.


This is an acid-resistant steel grade. It serves as a structural material for aircraft fuselages or seaplane floats. It is often used in architecture for decorative trim of buildings.


This acid-resistant stainless steel grade is not susceptible to intercrystalline corrosion and its heat-resistance up to 600 °C. It is used in nitrogen industry — tanks, towers, pipelines. It is used to make autoclaves and stirrers in coatings industry. Apparatuses for milk processing, flasks and cans can be made from it. It is also used for making fermentation tanks, barrels and vats in breweries, kitchenware and household equipment, equipment for canning factories.

Cr18Ni12M2T and Cr18Ni12M3T.

These steels are characterized as acid-resistant, intercrystalline corrosion-resistant and are heat-resistant up to 800 °C. Such steels are used for engine exhaust valves, as well as apparatuses and parts operating in boiling phosphoric, sulfuric, acetic and formic acids.


It has good heat resistance and can therefore be used for a variety of purposes. This grade can withstand a 1000-hour load of approximately 10 kg/mm2 at 650 °C and a 100-hour load of up to 10 kg/mm2 at 700 °C. At 800 °C, this grade can withstand 100 hours at 5 kg/mm2.


This is a heat resistant austenitic steel grade. It contains 2% W, 0.4% C and 0.4% Mo. It is capable of withstanding 100 hours at 700 °C at 12 kg/mm2 and the same 200 hours at 6−7 kg/mm2, t° 800 °C, .


This austenitic grade is very heat resistant, capable of withstanding 20 kg/mm2 at 700 °C for 100 hours, and 8 kg/mm2 at 800 °C for 100 hours.

Strengthening phase.

All heat resistant austenitic steels have some kind of hardening phase — chromium, titanium carbides, tungsten, etc. They increase the strength characteristics of the steel. For example, the presence of tenths of a percent of molybdenum gives a grinding structure and separation of dispersed particles of molybdenum carbide. These grades have found use in boiler pipes.

Heat treatment of steel

This process has its own difficulties and is caused by the ability of austenite to disintegrate with the release of carbides. Those types of steel that contain more than 18% Cr, in addition to carbides, can release chromium-rich σ-phase. As a result, the steel becomes brittle.


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