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Demand for stainless steel

Advantages of stainless steel

The growing demand for stainless steel products is due to the exceptional performance, high, reliability and, durability. For example, construction companies are turning to the use of stainless steel beams and pipes. Such pipes have a number of advantages: they are lighter with the same strength, do not require special service throughout their life, are more wear-resistant, and have an attractive appearance. There is a demand for stainless rolled products wherever resistance to corrosion, high strength and heat resistance, as well as hygienic properties are needed. In the food and medical industries, most equipment today is made of stainless steel. It is widely used in everyday life.


Modern technology is constantly improving. New alloys are being developed, which make it possible to use all the advantages of stainless steel alloys more fully. They consist of chrome, nickel and special additives in different proportions: molybdenum, titanium, manganese, vanadium etc. There are three types of stainless steel: 1) austenitic, 2) martensitic, 3) ferritic. Austenitic grades are an excellent constructional material with high strength, ductility and good corrosion resistance. These include grades of 300 series and are most widely used in mechanical engineering. Martensitic grades - have high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance in slightly aggressive gas and liquid media. These are grades of 30X13, 40X13, 50X13 and others. They are used in the manufacture of cutting tools and fragments of the equipment of chemical and food industries. Ferritic grades are highly resistant to aggressive environments and are used in industrial chemistry, light and heavy industries and military-industrial complex. This steel belongs to the 400 series. It withstands long-term contact with concentrated acids: sulfuric, nitric, phosphoric...


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