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Titanium in the pulp and paper industry


Production in the pulp and paper industry is a complicated process, during which aggressive technological media are used, therefore from the technical and economic point of view it is reasonable to replace the current equipment with titanium one. In the shops where cooking acid is produced, sulfite pulp is prepared, bleaching solutions and pulp mass is bleached, the equipment requires anticorrosion protection. More recently, protection with ceramic tiles on lead-glycerine putty and acid-proof tiles on silicate putty were used everywhere. Now they are using bimetallic welding boilers made of two-layer steel.

Titanium grades

Titanium grade BT1-0 - remarkable resistance to corrosion up to 350 °C. No less relevant is the AT-3 alloy, which was developed at IMET of the USSR Academy of Sciences by I. I. Kornilov and his collaborators. AT-3 has higher chemical resistance than other alloys (including BT1-0 and excellent antifriction qualities. It is often used in contact with boiling formic, sulfuric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids and in contact with hot alkalis. AT-3 successfully replaces nickel, platinum and gold alloys. After industrial testing of alloys like 4200 and 4201, they are recommended for use in chemical synthesis.


The bleaching towers made from titanium sheet are either rubber-coated or lined with glazed ceramic and acid-proof tiles on a polyester putty. Sometimes towers are lined with semi-ebonite or soft rubber, but this method of protection is only possible with hypochlorite and chlorine bleaching. But when mixed bases and other reagents are introduced during pulping and processes are intensified at increased temperature and high pressure, such protection becomes extremely unreliable. All-Union Titanium Research Institute and well-known industry plants have studied corrosion resistance of titanium alloys in aggressive media in pulp and paper production and recommended them for the widest application.


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