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Titanium applications in aviation and aircraft construction

Titanium applications in aviation and aircraft construction


Owing to their high service characteristics: wear resistance and high specific strength, titanium alloys are widely used in modern aviation. With the appearance of such new generation materials it is possible to improve the aircraft structure, reduce the weight and increase the reliability of critical assemblies... Owing to such materials, it is possible to ensure longer service life of modern aircraft engines. Unique properties of titanium alloys are determined by balanced composition and special treatment technology. The addition of niobium and aluminum to titanium alloys promotes grain refinement, due to the isolation of niobium-aluminum particles NbAl3, which are the center of crystallization. The maximum effect of grain refinement is observed in the presence of 0.6-0.8% niobium, with optimized mechanical properties. Such materials are characterized by accuracy of chemical composition, thoroughness of manufacturing and processing, absence of impurities.

Use of titanium

Material Use
Corrosion resistant titanium and its alloys Chemical and processing industries, seawater desalination, electroplating, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, food processing, pulp and paper, construction and forestry, pharmaceuticals, medicine, instrumentation.
High strength materials Aviation, maritime shipbuilding, metal processing, automotive, electrical engineering, agricultural machinery, geological exploration.
Heat resistant materials Aviation, missile construction, marine, automotive, geological exploration, electrical engineering, instrumentation.
Titanium and cold resistant alloys Aviation, cryogenics, electrical engineering, instrumentation, architecture.

Aviation was the first industry to appreciate the remarkable properties of titanium alloys. Creation of aircrafts designed for supersonic speeds required application of the new generation materials. The temperature on the surface of the airframe at supersonic speeds exceeds the temperature resistance level of aluminum and magnesium alloys. Titanium alloys are suitable for the manufacture of airframe cladding at a design speed of 4000 km/h. Increased operating temperatures are also characteristic of aircraft engines. Thus, when the engine thrust is increased by 10-15%, the temperature of the gas jet increases by 50 °C. Spars, landing gear parts, beams, and bends are made of titanium which gives a weight gain of 30-40%.

Speed 2000 km/h 3000 km/h 4000 km/h 10 Mach
t°C on the surface of the cladding 75-110 200-290 380-580 800-1000

Application of titanium alloys raised aircraft building to a new level. It is explained by its high strength characteristics at low specific weight. So, titanium alloys are used for framework parts, as well as for cladding, engine and air intakes. Besides, application of titanium alloys in aircrafts is connected with production of fuel tanks which are exposed to excessive loads in a wide temperature range.


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