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Processing and production of titanium


Today, titanium is produced by chemical reduction from Ti Cl4 with magnesium. Magnesothermic method is the most common way of ore processing. Sometimes sodium is used instead of magnesium... It is very advantageous to use achievements of powder metallurgy in alloy production. Auremo offers a huge range of semi-finished products from titanium and titanium alloys.

Composition of impurities in titanium reduced from Ti Cl4 by different methods

Element Vacuum separation Magnesium with salt leaching Sodium with salt leaching
N 0,015 0,015 0,1
H 0,005 --- 0,05
Fe 0,12 0,1 0,06
C 0,02 0,025 0,02
Cl 0,12 0,2 0,2
Mg 0,08 0,05 ---
O 0,1 0,1 0,1

Sponge titanium is characterized by accuracy of chemical composition, thoroughness of manufacturing, absence of impurities.


There are two methods of smelting used in the industry: electric arc and induction smelting.
The induction smelting process is carried out either in a protective atmosphere of argon or helium, or in a vacuum, as titanium interacts strongly with atmospheric gases at temperatures above 1040 °C. Induction melting makes it possible to obtain very homogeneous and reproducible ingots. The main disadvantage of induction melting is that titanium absorbs up to 1% of carbon from the graphite furnace lining. The induction method is used when high ductility and toughness are not required of the metal. In electric arc smelting, graphite electrodes are used. In this process, carbon contamination is reduced to 0.2%.

Semifinished products

Modern metallurgy produces a wide range of semi-finished products ' (including large-size) from titanium alloys, .

a) processing and production of flat-rolled products: slabs, plates, hot- and cold-rolled plates, sheets, and foil;

b) production of hot forgings and forgings in a wide range of sizes;:

c); rolled bars and sections;

d); pressed bars and profiles;

k) wire rod and electrode wire;

f) seamless tubes.

In technology of production and processing of titanium semi-finished products it is necessary to take into account high chemical activity of titanium in heated condition; the reduced thermal conductivity, susceptibility to polymorphous transformation in the range of temperatures optimum for hot deformation; .


During thermal treatment of titanium, a so-called alphiated layer is formed on the surface of semi-finished products due to active interaction of hot metal with oxygen and nitrogen

Grade of alloy Oxygen content in the alphinated layer mg/cm2 Depth of alphinated layer (mm)
WT-1 2,8 0,8
OT-4 1,5 0,2
VT3-1 2,5 0,6
ВТ-5 4,2 2,0
ВТ-6 2,2 0,6
VT-9 cast 7,3 0,8
Alloy grade Nitriding depth Surface hardness kgf/mm2
WT-1 0,06 - 0,08 750 - 850
VT3-1 0,04 - 0,05 700 - 750
VT-5 0,08 - 0,1 750 - 800
VT-8 0,12 - 0,14 700 - 750
VT-14 0,14 - 0,16 750 - 850

Nitriding of titanium alloys. Nitriding treatment and production method increases heat and especially wear resistance and abrasion resistance. The most common method of nitriding is to heat semi-finished products in an atmosphere of pure nitrogen to a temperature of 850 to 950°C. If the alloy contains aluminum or zirconium, speed and depth of nitriding increase, depth - up to 0.2 mm.

Carbidization (cementation). Carbidization treatment and production is an effective method of hardening titanium alloys. It is carried out in a mixture with activated carbon in a vacuum or in an atmosphere of a mixture of argon 5% carbon monoxide, methane or propane... Processing in an atmosphere of a gas mixture leads to saturation with hydrogen, which reduces the plasticity of titanium. Treatment with charcoal takes 24 to 48 hours, but results in deeper carbideization.


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