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Titanium applications


Titanium is widely used in the military industry where the priority is given not to the price but to the technical characteristics. However, today, unique consumer properties also allow the use of titanium in civil industries: medicine, chemistry and construction. In the long term, lower cost of titanium and increased production will ensure wider use of this metal in various industries.

Aviation applications

High strength at elevated temperatures and insignificant specific weight of titanium alloys make them a very valuable material practically without any alternative for aircrafts. Titanium alloys are increasingly replacing stainless steel and aluminum in aircraft construction and aircraft engine production. For jet engines, titanium alloys are used for alloying turbine disks, compressor blades and similar stamped parts. Due to saving of engine and hull weight, titanium parts allow for 10% aircraft weight reduction. These materials are particularly used in production of F-100 and F-86 jet fighters for undercarriage flaps, hydraulic system piping, exhaust pipes and nozzles, spars, flaps, hinged struts, propeller blades, projectile boxes and armor plates.

Naval applications

Corrosion resistance of this metal against steam, flue gases, seawater , etc. is of particular importance in shipbuilding. High specific strength is also of particular importance here. Low specific weight of titanium combined with its high corrosion resistance increases the range and maneuverability of ships, and lowers repair and maintenance costs.

Other applications

Titanium is used in the petroleum, food, electrical and chemical industries, as well as in medicine and in the manufacture of surgical instruments. A wide variety of industries use titanium fasteners in a variety of shapes. In orthopedics, titanium has proven to be a much better material than vitallium and stainless steel. Titanium screws and plates designed to fix bones are very strong, light and biologically inert for the body. They do not cause human allergies like nickel.


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