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A 20ft steel (20ФА)

Steel 06Х1 Steel 06Х1Ф Steel 06ХГР Steel 06ХФ Steel 07Х3ГНМЮА Steel 08ГДНФ (SL-2; 08GDNFL) Steel 08Х2Г2ФА Steel 08ХМФЧА (08ХМФЧ) Steel 08ХМЧА (08ХМЧ) Steel 09ГСФА (09GSF) Steel 09Н2МФБА (09Н2МФБА-A) Steel 09СФА (09СФ) Steel 09ХГ2НАБч Steel 09ХН2МД (АБ2-SH1) Steel 09ХН3МД (АБ3) Steel 09ХН4МД (АБ4) Steel 10G2 (10G2A) Steel 10ГН (10ГНА) Steel 10Х1С2М Steel 10Х2ГНМ (10Х2ГНМА) Steel 10KH2M1 (10Х2М1А) Steel 10Х3ГНМЮА Steel 10ХН3МД (АБ2-ø2) Steel 12Г1Р Steel 12KH2N4A (ЭИ83) Steel 12KH2NVFA (ЭИ712) Steel 12KH2NVFMA (ЭП506; ЭИ712М) Steel 12KH2NM1FA Steel 12KH2NMFA Steel 12ХГН2МФБДАЮ (sun-4) Steel 12ХГНМ Steel 12ХГНМФ Steel 12KHN Steel 12KHN2 Steel 12ХН2А Steel 12ХН2МД (AB1) Steel 12KHN3A Steel 12ХН3МД (АБ2; 12ХН3МДФ) Steel 12ХН4МБД (АБ2Р) Steel 138-2 Steel 13Н2ХА Steel 13Н5А Steel 13Х3НВМ2Ф (ДИ45; VCS-4) Steel 13ХГМРБ Steel 13ХГН2МД Steel 13ХГН2МФД Steel 13ХГСН1МД Steel 13HFA (13ХФ) Steel 14Н2МФД (14Н2МФДА) Steel 14Х2ГМР Steel 14Х2Н3МА Steel 14Х3ГМЮ Steel 14ХГ2САФД Steel 14KHGN Steel 14ХГН2МДАФБ (14ХГНМДАФБ) Steel 14ХГНМДАФБРТ (14ХГНМД) Steel 14ХГСН2МА (ЭП176; ДИ3А) Steel 14ХН3МА Steel 15G (15Г1) Steel 15ГЮТ Steel 15N2M (15НМ) Steel 15Н3МА Steel 15KH Steel 15Х1СМФБ Steel 15Х2ГН2ТА Steel 15Х2ГН2ТРА Steel 15KHA Steel 15ХГН2МАФАч Steel 15KHGN2TA (15ХГНТА) Steel 15KHGNM (15ХГНМА) Steel 15ХМФА (15ХМФ) Steel 15ХН3 Steel 15ХР Steel 15ХСМФБ (ЭП79) Steel 15ХФА (15KHF) Steel 16Г2 Steel 16Х2Н3МФБАЮ (16Х2Н3МФАБ; ВКС7) 16Х3НВФМБ steel (VKS-5; ДИ39) Steel 16ХГ (АЦ16ХГ) Steel 16ХГТА (ЭИ274) Steel 16ХН3МА Steel 16KHSN Steel 17Н3МА Steel 17ХГ Steel 18Г2ХФЮД Steel 18KH2N4VA Steel 18KH2N4MA Steel 18KHG Steel 18ХГН2МФБ Steel 18HGT Steel 18ХН2Т Steel 18ХН3МА Steel 18ХНВА Steel 18ХНМФД (18ХНМФДА) Steel 19KH2NVFA (ЭИ763) Steel 19KH2NMFA Steel 19KHGN Steel 19ХГНМА (19ХГНМ) Steel 19ХГС Steel 20G (20Г1) Steel 20G2 Steel 20Г2АФ (20Г2АФпс) Steel 20Г2Р Steel 20ГЮТ Steel 20N2M (20NM) A 20ft steel (20ФА) Steel 20KH Steel 20Х2МА Steel 20Х2МФА Steel 20KH2N4A Steel 20Х2Н4МФ (20Х2Н4МФА) Steel 20Х3НМФ (20Х3НМФА) Steel 20KHGNM Steel 20ХГНМТ (20ХГНМТА) Steel 20KHGNR Steel 20KHGNTR Steel 20KHGR Steel 20KHGSA Steel 20ХГСР Steel 20KHM Steel 20KHN Steel 20KHN2M (20ХНМ) Steel 20KHN3A Steel 20ХН3МФА (20ХН3МФ) Steel 20KHN4FA Steel 20KHNR Steel 20ХФА (20ХФ) Steel 21Н5А (ЭИ56) Steel 21KH2NVFA Steel 21KH2NMFA Steel 22ХГНМА (22ХГНМ) Steel 22ХНМ Steel 23Г2Д Steel 23KH2NVFA (ЭИ659) Steel 23KH2NMFA Steel 23ХН2М Steel 24Г2 Steel 24Х3МФ (24Х3МФА) Steel 24ХНМ Steel 25G (25Г2) Steel 50G Steel 50Г2 Steel 50S Steel 50KHN Steel 5ХНМ2 Steel 85ГФ Steel АК32 Steel АК33 Steel АК34 Steel АК35 Steel АК36 Steel АК37 Steel АК48 Steel АК49 Steel АК50 Steel 25N Steel 25Н3А Steel 25KH2N4VA Steel 25KH2N4MA Steel 25ХГ2СФР Steel 25KHGM Steel 25ХГНМА (25ХГНМ) Steel 25KHGNMT (25ХГНМТА) Steel 25KHGSA Steel 25KHGT Steel 25ХМ Steel 25ХН3 Steel 25ХНТЦ Steel 26Г1 Steel 26Х1МА (26Х1М) Steel 26Х2НВМБР (KVK-26) Steel 26ХГМ Steel 26ХГМФ (26ХГМФА) Steel 26ХМА (26ХМ; 25ХМ) Steel 27KHGR Steel 30G (30Г1) Steel 30Г1Р Steel 30G2 Steel 30T Steel 30KH Steel 30Х2Н2ВФА Steel 30Х2Н2ВФМА Steel 30Х2НВА Steel 30Х2НВФА Steel 30Х2НВФМА Steel 30Х2НМА Steel 30Х2НМФА (30Х2НМФ) Steel 30KH3MF Steel 30Х3МФСА Steel 30Х3НВА Steel 30KHGS Steel 30KHGSA Steel 30KHGT Steel 30KHM Steel 30KHMA Steel 30KHN2VA Steel 30KHN2VFA Steel 30KHN2MA (30ХНМА) Steel 30KHN2MFA Steel 30KHN3A Steel 30ХН3М Steel 30ХНМФА (30ХНВФА) Steel 30KHRA Steel 30ХСНВФА (ВП30) Steel 32Г2 Steel 32Г2С Steel 32Х2НВМБР (ERC-32) Steel 33Х3СНМВФА (СП33; ЭП613) Steel 33ХН3МА Steel 33KHS Steel 34ХН1ВА (0ХН1В) Steel 34ХН3М Steel 35G Steel 35Г1Р Steel 35G2 Steel 35KH Steel 35Х2ГЮФ Steel 35ХГН2 Steel 35HGSA 35KHM steel Steel 35ХН2Ф Steel 35ХН3МА (35ХН3М) Steel 36G2S Steel 36Г2СР Steel 36KH2N2MFA (36ХН1МФА) Steel 37Г2С Steel 37Х2НВМБР (ERC-37) Steel 37ХН3А Steel 38H2MYUA (38ХМЮА) Steel 38KH2N2VA Steel 38KH2N2MA (38ХНМА) Steel 38Х2Н3М Steel 38Х2НМ Steel 38Х2НМФ Steel 38Х2Ю (38Х2ЮА) Steel 38KHA Steel 38KHGM Steel 38KHGN Steel 38KHGNM Steel 38ХГСА (38ХГС) Steel 38KHM (42ХМ) Steel 38ХМА Steel 38KHN3VA Steel 38KHN3MA Steel 38KHS Steel 38ХФР (40ХФР) Steel 40G Steel 40G2 Steel 40GR (40Г1Р) Steel 40X (40ХА) Steel 40KH2N2VA Steel 40Х2Н2МА Alloy 40Х3М2ФА (USP-40) Steel 40KHGNM Steel 40ХГСМА Steel 40KHGTR Steel 40KHMFA (40ХМФ) Steel 40KHN Steel 40ХН2ВА (40ХНВА) Steel 40KHN2MA (40HNMA) Steel 40ХР Steel 40HS Steel 40ХСН2МА Steel 40KHFA (40ХФ) Steel 42Х2НВМБР (KVK-42) Steel 42Х2НМБР (АБО70Н) Steel 42ХМФА (42ХМФ) Steel 44Х2НМБР (АБО70В) Steel 45G Steel 45G2 Steel 45KH Steel 45KHN Steel 45KHN2MFA (45ХНМФА) Steel 47GT Steel 48ХН3М


Name The value
Designation GOST Cyrillic 20Ф
Designation GOST Latin 20F
Transliteration 20F
The chemical elements 20V
Name The value
Designation GOST Cyrillic 20ФА
Designation GOST Latin 20FA
Transliteration 20FA
The chemical elements 20V


A 20ft steel is used: for the manufacture of billets and pipes seamless hot-deformed oil and gas increased corrosion resistance and cold-resistance, designed for use in systems transporting gas, systems, oil and gas pipelines, technological pipelines, transporting oil and oil products, as well as in the systems of reservoir pressure maintenance in the Northern climatic zones at ambient temperatures from -60°C to +40°C, temperature of the transported media from +5°C to +40°C and operating pressure up to 7.4 MPa; seamless hot-deformed pipes with improved corrosion and cold-resistance (article 20ФА) with an outer diameter from 89 to 426 mm, strength class not less than K48, infield pipelines, transporting products of oil wells (low pressure water pipelines produced water at pressures up to 2 MPa in the system reservoir flooding); pipes with diameter from 57 to 168 mm for use in the system of gas pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, technological pipelines, transporting oil and oil products, as well as in the systems of reservoir pressure maintenance in terms of climatic zones with temperature of the transported medium from +5° C to +40° C.


Structural micro-alloyed steel of higher corrosion resistance and cold-resistance. Pipe oil and gas differ from conventional pipes according to GOST 8731, GOST 8732, high cold resistance, high resistance to General and pitting corrosion, resistance to sulfide corrosion cracking and hydrogen cracking.


Name Code Standards
Bulls. Blanks. Slabs В31 OST 14-21-77, TU 14-1-4944-90
Pipes steel and connecting parts to them В62 TU 1383-010-48124013-03, TU 1317-214-0147016-02, TU 1317-006.1-593377520-2003, TU 1308-269-0147016-2003, TU 1380-281-00147016-2004, TU 1380-282-00147016-2004, TU 14-158-101-97, TU 14-3-1654-89, TU 1308-226-0147016-02, TU 1303-007-12281990-2015, TU 14-161-180-99

Chemical composition

Standard C S P Mn Cr Si Ni Fe Cu N As Al V Mo Zn Sn Sb Pb Bi
TU 1383-010-48124013-03 ≤0.22 ≤0.005 ≤0.018 ≤0.65 ≤0.3 0.17-0.37 ≤0.3 The rest ≤0.3 ≤0.008 ≤0.01 0.02-0.05 0.04-0.15 - ≤0.001 ≤0.001 ≤0.001 ≤0.001 ≤0.001
TU 14-158-101-97 0.17-0.22 ≤0.02 ≤0.015 0.5-0.65 ≤0.4 0.17-0.37 ≤0.25 The rest ≤0.25 - - 0.03-0.05 0.02-0.05 - - - - - -
TU 1317-214-0147016-02 0.17-0.24 ≤0.013 ≤0.018 0.35-0.65 ≤0.25 0.17-0.37 ≤0.25 The rest ≤0.25 ≤0.008 - 0.02-0.05 0.05-0.1 - - - - - -
TU 1308-226-0147016-02 0.17-0.24 ≤0.013 ≤0.018 0.35-0.65 ≤0.25 0.17-0.37 ≤0.25 The rest ≤0.25 ≤0.008 - 0.02-0.05 0.03-0.08 ≤0.25 - - - - -
TU 1317-006.1-593377520-2003 0.17-0.24 ≤0.015 ≤0.017 0.35-0.75 ≤0.4 0.17-0.37 ≤0.25 The rest ≤0.25 ≤0.008 - 0.02-0.05 0.04-0.12 - - - - - -
Fe is the basis.
According to TU 1383-010-48124013-03, to ensure fine-grainedness and nitrogen binding to nitrides and carbonitrides, the introduction of titanium and niobium is allowed not more than 0.030% and 0.040%, respectively. For globularization of nonmetallic inclusions, steel is deoxidized by silicocalcium or cerium. The total content of Nb + V + Ni ≤ 0.15%.
According to TU 1317-006.1-593377520-2003 the chemical composition is given for steel grade 20FA. The mass fraction of hydrogen in the steel in the metal of the pipe should not exceed 1.0 ppm (2.0 ppm in the ladle sample, niobium and titanium can be added from the calculation of the mass fraction to 0.030% and 0.010%, respectively.) In the deoxidized steel for the globularization of sulfide inclusions enter calcium (silicocalcium) or cerium from the calculation of the mass fraction of 0.050%.
According to TU 1308-226-0147016-02 the chemical composition is given for steel grade 20F. Pipes should be made of steel that has been modified by calcium and its alloys. Permissible deviations in the content of chemical elements in finished rolled products in accordance with GOST 4543. The content of metallurgical hydrogen in steel is not more than 2 ppm.
According to TU 14-158-101-97 the chemical composition is given for steel grade 20FA. Deviations in chemical composition are allowed: by carbon ± 0.020%, by aluminum ± 0.010%, by manganese +0.15%, by sulfur and phosphorus +0.0050% each. Deviations in chemical composition in the finished metal are allowed in accordance with GOST 1050, except for carbon and manganese.

Mechanical characteristics

Section, mm sT|s0,2, MPa σB, MPa d5, % kJ/m2, кДж/м2 HRB
Pipe the seamless hot-deformed heat-treated in the delivery condition on the other 1308-226-0147016-02 (provided the toughness of the Charpy specimens at -60 °C, the proportion of a viscous component at -60 °C ≥70%)
- 386-512 ≥512 ≥25 ≥980 ≤93
Pipe the seamless hot-deformed oil and gas increased corrosion resistance and cold-resistance on the other 1317-214-0147016-02. In the state of delivery (specified marsvolta metal pipes and KCV-60 °C)
382-529 ≥539 ≥25 ≥980 -
Pipe the seamless hot-deformed oil and gas increased corrosion resistance and cold-resistance on the other 1383-010-48124013-03. In the state of delivery (specified marsvolta metal pipes and KCV-40 °C)
≥330 ≥470 ≥20 ≥980 ≤92
Pipe the seamless hot-deformed heat-treated in the delivery condition on the other 14-158-101-97. In the graph given the values of KCU KCV longitudinal samples at different temperatures test KCV+20°C/KCV-40°C/KCV-50°C/
- 338-470 502-627 ≥1471/883/392 ≤92
Seamless tubes gas & oil heat-treated in the delivery condition on the other 1317-006.1-593377520-2003 (samples in the delivery condition specified strength class, in the column the value is KCU KCV-50 °C)
89-426 338-451 ≥470 ≥25 ≥980 ≤92
89-426 343-470 ≥491 ≥25 ≥980 ≤92

Description mechanical marks

Name Description
Section Section
sT|s0,2 Yield strength or limit of proportionality with a tolerance for residual deformation of 0.2%
σB Limit short-term strength
d5 Elongation after rupture
kJ/m2 Toughness
HRB Rockwell hardness (indenter steel, spherical)

Technological properties

Name The value
Corrosion resistance In the medium H2S: speed General corrosion ≤ 0.5 mm/year; resistance to hydrogen cracking in the CLR ≤ 3 % CTR ≤ 6 %; resistance to sulfide corrosion cracking with voltage ≥ 75 % of σ0,2.

Structural steel

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