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Conditions for the production of billets

Types of billets

Billets for HPT mills (medium or small sizes) are tubes rolled in larger HPT mills and cold drawn stainless tubes. Billets for HPTP mills are welded and drawn tubes from HPT mills and tubes from larger HPTP mills. Each billet package must have a special label, which will indicate the size of the tube, steel grade, open-hearth furnace number, package number of tube welding, pipe rolling mill, route number, open-hearth furnace number and package number of tube drawing mill.

Billet Quality

The surface of a tube billet must be free of cracks, opalines, tears, foils, shells, rolls and dirt. The ends should be trimmed without burrs, perpendicular to the axis of the pipes. Pipes shall also be straight. Supply pipes are regulated by the following GOST: seamless stainless steel pipe — 9940−72, seamless hot-rolled pipe — 8732−70, electric-welded pipe -10704−63, welded pipe — 3262−75.


Intermediate size pipe made of alloyed or carbon steel, which goes for drawing and further cold rolling, has larger tolerances for wall thickness and diameter. For example, tubes of intermediate sizes made from stainless steel have a wall thickness tolerance of +12.5 (or 10%), while tubestubes up to 3.2 cm in diameter have an outside diameter tolerance of 0.5 to 1 mm, while tubes of larger diameters have an outside diameter tolerance of 0.5 to 1.6 mm. When rolling a dimensional intermediate billet with a deviation of the average actual wall thickness (Sfact) from the nominal (Snom), given the nominal length of the billet (Lnom), its actual length (Lfact) is determined according to the formula: Lfact = Lnom x Snom / Sfact. For billets for HPTR mills have the following tolerances for all sizes of pipes: the wall thickness ±0.1 mm, the outside diameter of +0.5 — 0.2 mm.


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