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Application of stainless steel pipe 12X18H10T


Stainless steel products are used very widely. Stainless steel pipe has recently become more and more popular in the food industry. The most important requirement for this sphere is hygienic material. From this point of view stainless steel is almost ideal material. For water supply systems, the pipe brand 12X18H10T is perfect. It is also used in heating systems, supply of natural gas and petroleum products. Steel pipe of 12X18N10T grade is in demand in automotive and aircraft industry, as well as in the manufacture of furniture and sanitary ware. This pipe is distinguished by its reliability, wear resistance, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Tube assortment

Pipes 12X18N10T are produced as seamless and electric-welded, in terms of shape - round and profiled. Profiled can be rectangular, oval and square. Most often used in construction is a rectangular shaped pipe. For different applications, the surface of pipes can be matte or polished. In the food industry, an important quality is hygienic pipes. Their surface must be perfectly smooth so that no dirt adheres, which contributes to micron and fungal contamination. When building bridges and in furniture production, structural pipes are used. Pipes in boiler rooms and boilers must withstand strong pressure differentials and high temperatures, so the production of boiler pipes is considered technologically complex.


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