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Production and application of stainless steel pipes

Types of stainless steel tubes

It is no exaggeration to say that stainless tubes are one of the most popular rolled steel products. It is classified by steel composition, surface treatment, size (tubes of minimum diameter are called capillary tubes) and shape. Round, oval and shaped tubes are produced. Their shape and quality depend on the purpose and application. Subjecting the surface treatment to varying degrees, it is possible to obtain pipes with a matte, polished and mirror finish.

Making pipes

First we cast a billet, a rolled bar, from which we produce a tube in the piercing mill. Thin-walled pipes are made by drawing, while large pipes are made from steel sheet by means of welding. Welding can be performed with a tungsten electrode, high-frequency current, plasma, electron beam and laser. Laser welding is considered the best way of welding, as it ensures high quality of the product and increases its service life. Then the pipe is brought to the desired condition by finishing.


The wide use of stainless steel in construction is due to the fact that this material does not oxidize and does not rust, withstands huge loads, heat-resistant and durable. Stainless steel does not need additional painting, and its high hygienic properties have opened wide prospects in medicine and food industry.


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