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Manufacture of electric-welded stainless steel pipe


The manufacturing process for electric-welded longitudinal pipes of small and medium diameter (when the strip is transformed into a tubular billet in a multi-stand continuous mill) is the same. The difference lies in the way the edges are welded. The operations at the final stage differ most of all:

  • The production of individual elongated braid tubes, by the method of reduction.
  • Splitting the endless tube into parts (tearing or slicing).
  • External and internal weld bead removal possibilities


Welded stainless tubes from 8x0,2 mm to 530x12 mm are produced according to TECA sizes. Due to the possibility of changing the welding part of the mill, it is possible to use different types of welding. This makes it possible to produce pipes of different grades. The main difference of units is in design solutions, equipment characteristics and equipment composition. TESA line sometimes includes equipment for edge cleaning and for producing strips of a given width, although the main equipment of this line is designed for correction, straightening, joining into a continuous strip from individual coils and maintaining a non-stop process in the forming and welding mill.

Width requirements.

Variations in width sometimes occur due to large strip width tolerances in coils coming from plate mills to large size TECA. The requirements of corrugation-free forming call for a constant width, elimination of strip crescent, and exact edge contact in the welding gun and constant pressure in the gun, to achieve a good weld. All requirements are difficult to meet in cold forming, because in this process it is almost impossible to get a significant reduction of the tube billet in the last forming and welding calibers, and it is difficult to reduce the overall waviness of the edges by drawing the entire cross-section.

The final step.

TESA's larger sizes require the installation of disc shears with an edge cutter, which trim edges from both sides at the same time. TESA that produce stainless steel pipes of small diameters and use a narrow strip are additionally equipped with equipment for longitudinal cutting with circular shears. At the last stages, wide strips are cut, which arrive in the workshop, thus ensuring equal strip width in accordance with welding conditions. Edge cleaning is used to improve weld quality; this applies in particular to resistance welding and gas-electric welding.


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