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Stainless seamless pipe applications


Reliability, wear resistance, durability and aesthetics are the qualities that distinguish stainless seamless pipe. It has no joints or welds along its length and is made by forging, pressing, rolling, drawing. The absence of a seam eliminates the possibility of any leaks. Even a high-tech qualitative seam does not guarantee hundred-percent tightness, which is so necessary if liquids hazardous for human health are circulating along the pipes.

The use of stainless steel seamless pipe

The main function of stainless seamless pipes is the safe and durable regulation of flows of various media in construction, transport engineering, energy, industrial chemistry, food industry, everywhere where the use of fittings with high corrosion resistance and reliability is required. Additionally treated polished stainless steel pipe looks very aesthetically pleasing, so it is often used for decorative design. Due to the fact that stainless steel has no effect on the chemical composition of water, stainless seamless pipe is widely used in drinking water supply systems.


Pipes are available in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses from a variety of steel grades. The characteristics of the pipes are largely determined by the different components that make up the steel. Each of the components enhances some qualities. For example, the addition of nickel increases the plasticity of the metal and its resistance to corrosion, titanium increases strength and resistance to wear at high temperatures. Such pipes are widely used in medical, food and chemical industry, where metal is required to be resistant to the damaging effects of various corrosive environments.


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