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Alloy based on titanium and magnesium

Role of Mg

In industry, solid magnesium is used to produce technically pure titanium, which takes away chlorine. Further processing consisting of refining and remelting of the obtained compound allows to produce an alloy containing not less than 99,2% Ti. All processes are regulated by GOST 19807−74.

Technical characteristics

Mg-Ti ligature containing 5−25% Ti is used for alloying aluminum alloys, as well as for deep purification of primary Mg from iron. Titanium dissolves in liquid magnesium the easier the higher the temperature.

Temperature °C Solubility
665 0,003
700 0,91
740 0,275
760 0,164

Production of Mg-Ti ligature is carried out in crucible induction furnaces. Magnesium obtained by electrolytic method is poured into a crucible-vacuum ladle and heated to a temperature of 700−710°C. Then pellets of TiCl4, 100−150 mm in size, prepared on the basis of waste electrolyte of carnallite feeding scheme and containing TiCl2 and TiCl3, are loaded. The content of bivalent and trivalent Ti 3+ is 12% and 8%, respectively. The chloride mixture is a gray mass with a density of 2.4 g/cm3. and a melting point of 490−530°C. TiCl2 and TiCl3 interact with molten magnesium. To accelerate the reaction, the melt in the crucible is stirred with a special stirrer. The surface of the melt is protected by flux to prevent hot magnesium from igniting.

Melt separation

After settling in the crucible the melt is separated into three density-dependent layers: magnesium at the top, titanium at the bottom and in between MgCl2 and ballast salts: potassium, calcium and sodium chlorides that were part of the raw materials containing titanium. Molten salts and magnesium are drained and a fresh portion of magnesium is poured into the molten titanium. When the magnesium is poured, the composition is stirred until homogeneous. To prevent liquation of metal in the mold, the composition is also actively stirred while pouring, and the mold is actively cooled.


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