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Alloy of titanium, aluminum and niobium


The addition of niobium and aluminum to titanium promotes grain refinement, due to the isolation of niobium-aluminum particles NbAl3, which are the center of crystallization. The maximum effect of grain refinement is observed in the presence of 0.6-0.8% niobium, while the mechanical properties are optimized. Such alloys are characterized by the precision of the chemical composition, the thoroughness of manufacturing and processing, and the absence of impurities. Alloy of titanium and aluminum can be called a classic, a number of weldable alloys have been developed on its basis. Significantly increase the strength of the metal allows not only the addition of aluminum, but also the addition of vanadium. With regard to improving the heat resistance of titanium, the most popular alloying component in this case molybdenum acts.


Due to high performance qualities: heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, titanium alloys are widely used by modern industry. With the advent of such new generation materials it became possible to improve many technological processes, where the production is connected with the action of high temperatures and aggressive media. Thanks to such materials there is an opportunity to provide long-term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment. in an aggressive environment in a wide temperature range. The unique properties of the material are due to its balanced composition and special processing technology.


High wear and heat resistance, insensitivity to the action of corrosive medium allows to use the alloy in those places where work is connected with contact with hot corrosive medium. Unique performance characteristics allow to use it for production, heat shields, parts of thermal furnaces, combustion chambers. Its corrosion resistance makes it popular for industrial chemistry and chemical welding equipment.


Heat resistant alloy of titanium aluminum and niobium in the domestic industry is represented by the brand VT18. It should be noted that the strengthening effect at room temperature is small and therefore the alloying element is often molybdenum instead of niobium. As for the role of stabilizer, vanadium is usually added to the titanium alloy - as it has a much better efficiency.


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