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Properties, composition and characteristics of bronze

Technical characteristics

The main properties of bronze alloys are determined by the addition of accompanying elements. First of all we are talking about such mechanical and physical characteristics as:


-hardness; -strength;

-electric conductivity;

-Corrosion resistance;

-wear resistance;


The chemical composition of the alloy determines the melting point, machinability and resistance to impact loads. For example, silicon-zinc alloying. It greatly improves the chemical properties of bronze alloys and is excellent for the production of complex shaped parts. Moreover, this alloy is characterized by an increased degree of compression resistance. Beryllium bronze does not spark on impact.

Comparative advantages

It is worth noting that bronze is superior to brass in some respects. When comparing both alloys, bronze has better parameters with respect to anti-friction and anti-corrosion properties. Lead has a positive effect on the strength of bronze alloys. This element is most popular in the production of products such as heavily loaded bearings. The melting point of bronze alloys is in the range of 930-1140°C. Silicon and manganese are usually used to increase the heat resistance of the alloy. Heat resistance is increased by using chromium, beryllium and zirconium.


Since the composition and properties of bronze are causally related, it is very important to familiarize yourself with their markings before purchasing products. The most commonly used symbols are:

-A - aluminum;

-K -silicon;

-Mc -Manganese;

-H - nickel;

-H - nickel; -H - iron.

Recall, nickel and iron affect the properties of the bronze alloy by increasing the recrystallization temperature due to grain refinement. As for the most commonly used, tin-based bronze alloy (both foundry and wrought), it has almost all the advantages regarding strength, corrosion resistance and hardness. These qualities make it the most popular material used in modern industry.


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