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Bronze machining and production

Manufacturing and machining

Multicomponent bronze alloys are more difficult to manufacture, but have better performance in terms of hardness, strength, resistance to wear and corrosion. Most bronze alloys have a melting point of around 1200 °C The bronzes are heat treated at temperatures up to 1100 °C with subsequent cooling of the alloy. Beryllium bronze is made and processed in a broader temperature range. In the production of aluminium bronzes, 1,100 °C is the maximum temperature allowed.

Lathe machining

Turning bronze is usually one of the final steps in the production of the finished article. Since bronze alloys are nonferrous metals, they can be turned and milled very well.


Silicon bronze is characterized by hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and is relatively inexpensive. Widely used as a construction material, in transport engineering. Manganese bronze alloys are characterized by wear resistance. Manganese, thanks to its properties grinds the structure, thereby increasing the strength. In addition to the elements listed above, iron is also used in the composition,. Fe reduces ductility. Due to the alloying, the products are characterized by excellent ductility in processing and excellent resistance to cracking. The semi-finished products are well machined and satisfactorily welded by resistance welding. Casting properties are improved by the addition of tin. Beryllium gives the alloy exceptional hardness and elasticity. Nickel gives exceptional ductility and high electrical resistance. Aluminum imparts lightness, corrosion resistance, it is an irreplaceable material for shipbuilding alloys.

Tin foundry and wrought alloys

Tin foundry bronze alloys contain up to 15% of tin, 3 to 6% of lead, 4 to 10% of zinc and 0.4 to 1% of phosphorus. Foundry bronzes (GOST 614-73) are used for making various shaped castings. Shortage and high cost of tin is the main disadvantage of tin bronzes. Wrought bronzes (GOST 5017-74) are used in production of bushings for instruments, bearing inserts , etc. They are supplied as semi-finished items (wires, bars, strips, bands) in hard (annealed) and soft (annealed) condition.


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