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Welding and cutting bronze. The experience of our company guarantees timely delivery of quality products. Optimal price from the supplier. Large selection today.

Technical characteristics

The advanced technology of cutting bronze with a laser requires modern equipment and qualified specialists. Its advantages allow to realize the following possibilities:

-Work with the most complex profiles;

-Processing of workpieces of any size, including miniature ones;

-minimum processing costs.

Laser welding technology

Laser welding can be performed as seam and dot welding. Pulsed lasers are usually used, which produce a minimal heat-affected zone. Laser welding can be used to make strong joints of non-ferrous and stainless steel alloy parts. High power laser light allows you to weld materials with high thermal conductivity, which includes copper and copper alloys.

Cutting Technology with a Wire Cutter

If there are no high demands on the workpieces, you can cut bronze with an angle grinder using different grinding wheels. Any processing - welding and cutting bronze - involves an individual approach to the task and quality components. Processing quality standards are defined by GOST. Alloys with the addition of lead and phosphorus lend themselves best to cutting. These are alloys with high antifriction qualities. Specific cutting treatment modes are to be selected individually for each grade. The cutting edges of tools are made of high-speed steel designed for metalworking, The cutting elements of the drums of power drills, blades of jointer and other types of lathe cutters are often made of "square" high-speed steel. "Circle" is used for finger cutters, circular cutters, taps, drills, circular saws, scales and similar cutters.


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