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Chemical composition and components of bronze

Technical characteristic

The use of additional components significantly improves the characteristics of the material, which contributes to the expansion of the scope of use. In order to find out what metals are included in a particular bronze alloy, it is necessary to pay attention to the marking. For example, tin bronzes are alloys marked BrO, where the letter designation is followed by numbers indicating the percentage of tin content. Most often this compound can be found in such products as bearings.


Depending on the presence or absence of tin - one of the main components, bronze is divided into such large groups as: tin and tin-free. As additional alloying elements are used aluminum, phosphorus, nickel; iron; silicon; lead; magnesium; zirconium; chromium. Depending on the alloy processing technology used, a distinction is made between foundry and wrought grades. The latter are characterized by the fact that they are perfectly workable by pressure.


Alloying has a considerable effect on the quality of bronzes. Chromium increases the hardness and corrosion resistance. Nickel makes the alloy more ductile; Beryllium increases strength, impact and abrasion resistance; Cobalt increases heat resistance and magnetic permeability. Manganese content above 1% increases impact strength, wear resistance. Aluminum bronze alloy with the addition of iron and nickel has proven excellent in shaped castings, and manganese bronze has proven itself in the production of steam fittings. Bronze alloys with the addition of lead or beryllium have a wide range of applications.

Aluminum bronzes. С95500

Chemical composition and technological properties of bronzes are regulated by production standards. C95500 is an aluminum bronze alloy, which belongs to the bronze rolled European alloys. The chemical composition of the alloy contains: Cu - 91%, Al- 10-11.5%, Fe- 3-5%, Mn 3.5%, Ni- 3-5%, P 0.015%, impurities only 0.5%.Aluminum bronze C95500 is used in shipbuilding, products for fasteners. It has good machinability.


C95400 This alloy may contain 5 to 12% aluminum and has a golden color. Alloy C95400 has high corrosion resistance. The chemical formula of the alloy is CuAl11Fe4. UNS C95400 alloys are used to produce bearings, high-strength clamps, chassis parts, parts of pumps for pumping mine water. It is also used in the shipbuilding and automotive industries.


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